FutureBrand Creates Pioneering Global Mental Healthcare Brand Launching in China

FutureBrand Creates Pioneering Global Mental Healthcare Brand Launching in China

FutureBrand has created a new global mental healthcare brand 'Mindfront' for Luye Medical Group. Mindfront's network of private, dedicated hospitals will offer premium mental healthcare to patients, responding to increasing demand in China where mental healthcare is an emerging sector. FutureBrand has created a bright, optimistic and dynamic brand that seamlessly brings together qualities of efficacy, value and empathy.

"A big challenge was that the brand had to work in the Chinese market while also being globally-minded in case of future expansion," explained Sophie Cheng, General Manager, Greater China, from FutureBrand. "The brand architecture also had to carefully consider the relationship with parent company Luye Medical Group, and Luye's existing mental healthcare services in Australia, which will now rebrand to Mindfront."

"Our solution was to draw inspiration from the brand idea 'always front of mind' to create a dynamic new mental healthcare brand that stands out in both a local and international context while leveraging on the positive reputation of its parent company, Luye Medical Group," added Sam Yang, Creative Director, Greater China, from FutureBrand.

FutureBrand understood that the 'always front of mind' idea has two layers of meaning. Firstly, Mindfront always has its patients' needs and care top of mind, and secondly, Mindfront aims to be at the forefront of innovation in the mental health sector. In the logo design, 'always front of mind' is symbolized by the placement of a bright green dot in front of the letter 'O.' The vivid green stands out in the category as well as communicates the pioneering, empathetic and supportive qualities of the brand. The visual motif of the overlapping dot is used throughout the visual identity to create bold graphics, icons and visuals that are bright, optimistic and uplifting while consistently conveying the 'always front of mind' sentiment.

The dot itself comes from the Luye Medical Group's logo, which is inspired by a water drop and stone symbolizing Zen and a peaceful mind - an iconic graphic link that connects Mindfront back to its parent company. As well as the brand name, brand strategy, brand architecture, visual identity and digital and print brand guidelines, FutureBrand also developed an inclusive suite of brand photography that confidently reflects the whole range of Mindfront's patient groups: teenagers, elderly, and everyone in between.