FutureBrand Partners with Nestlé to Create New Customizable Superfood Drinks Brand - nesQino

FutureBrand Partners with Nestlé to Create New Customizable Superfood Drinks Brand: nesQino

FutureBrand has been working with Nestlé to create the entire brand identity for innovative new superfood drinks brand 'nesQino.' The product innovation from Nestlé allows people to make personalized healthy drinks quickly and easily at home or in the office from 100% natural ingredients.

FutureBrand developed a brand identity system that encapsulates nesQino's powerful combination of convenience, health, taste and personalization, targeting the growing number of consumers seeking health and nutrition solutions that fit seamlessly into their everyday lives. "As a 'new to world' innovation, the branding for nesQino needed to be as simple and intuitive as the product itself," commented Marshall Ward, SVP from FutureBrand. "We created a visual identity that helps consumers understand how the product works from the outset, while showcasing the delicious variety of customizable taste options on offer. The branding also realizes the iconic potential of nesQino through the bold use of the letter Q in the logo and across the packaging."

To create a nesQino drink, consumers blend two elements together: a base sachet (smoothie, oat shake or milkshake) and their choice of superfood sachet in the accompanying Q-cup machine. FutureBrand has reflected this coming together of two halves in nesQino's Q-shaped logo and vibrant illustrations that depict two sets of ingredients coming together to form a whole letter Q when base and superfood sachets are side by side. Meanwhile, a natural color palette and the leaf detail of the logo communicates the health benefits, natural ingredients and nutritional value of nesQino's recipes.

"We used a digital-first approach in our designs, ensuring the visual identity system was consistent and cohesive enough to build the entire D2C ecosystem out from it," Ward explained. "Coupled with this, the brand has been designed to look and feel like a friendly peer - a welcome addition to your daily routine - rather than a complicated nutrition brand based on heavy scientific claims. All of this relates back to Nestlé's fundamental belief that being healthy should be simple, straightforward, and most of all it should be enjoyable."

Nestlé has initially launched nesQino in China, with fully recyclable packaging and recipes tailored to Chinese consumers. The product also comes with a smartphone app where customers can set their drink temperature, view nutritional information, and explore and share recipe combinations with friends.