Polestar Launches Global Design Contest

Polestar Launches Global Design Contest

Polestar has launched a new and unique design contest geared to inspire and promote automotive creativity. The competition is open to both students and professional designers.

The contest brief tasks entrants with designing a new type of vehicle that stretches the boundaries of imagination without entering the realms of fantasy. Looking ahead 20 years it could be a car or it could be something else. It might be serious or fun. Whatever it is, it should express an exciting vision of the future that helps accelerate the uncompromising shift to sustainability.

Polestar will provide full design support for submissions that qualify for the latter stages of the contest, with remote coaching and guidance from Polestar’s designers and Maximilian Missoni, Head of Design. The winning designs will come to life with the help of Polestar as a 1:3 model to be shown at a Polestar design exhibition later in the year.

"As a designer, I recognize the extremely valuable experience that can be gained by being able to work so closely with a new brand like Polestar - especially since we view this opportunity as a way we can give back to the design community and help up-and-coming designers excel," Maximillian Missoni commented. "With this contest, we aim to challenge talented designers to push boundaries and think in new directions - much like we do. I look forward to seeing some amazing designs that promote design expression in a new modern landscape."

The deadline for submissions is July 27, 2020.

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