Charlie Smith Designs Visual Identity, Packaging and Website for Breadblok

Charlie Smith Designs Visual Identity, Packaging and Website for Breadblok

Charlie Smith Design has revamped the visual identity, packaging and website of Breadblok - a new bakery in Santa Monica creating gluten-free organic food.

Charlie Smith Design sourced and designed all packaging in line with strict Santa Monica regulations on marine-biodegradable materials, and built the family-run bakery's website at speed to launch amid COVID-19 conditions. This has allowed Breadblok to continue serving customers throughout this crisis while establishing its first official store, in California.

"There was a range of brand assets already in place," commented Charlie Smith, Founder & Director at the agency. "We wanted to work with these but introduce some warmth and a range of colors, notably a pastel green, to reflect the feel of the bakery, the organic ingredients, and the brand's Provence heritage."

Charlie Smith Design also created a core lock-up and product lockups. These cleverly ensure product messages are delivered at the forefront while subtly communicating Breadblok's brand messaging across the packaging.

Since January 2020 California has banned the use of all plastic packaging including plant-based plastics. Packaging must be constructed from paper fibers, wood, and strictly marine-degradable materials. Charlie Smith Design worked closely with BreadBlok to identify the different packaging solutions that would be needed for the new site and how the identity should sit across these. The London team then set to work procuring suitable suppliers in the US.

At the same, with its packaging designs, it went beyond these legal requirements. To reduce materials and dyes, it created metallic gold and rose gold variations of Breadblok's logo that can be directly applied to all packaging solutions. USA-made biodegradable paper bags are recyclable and compostable.

Salad boxes are made from 100% recycled, unbleached card, and cellophane bags are made from certified compostable, marine biodegradable films. Greaseproof paper is unbleached and lined with soy wax rather than petroleum. Yogurts and chia pots are served in reusable glass jars.

Photography: Lucianna McIntosh