Paolo Cesaretti Arch Wins 2020 Red Dot Award for 'Bespoke Romance'

Paolo Cesaretti Arch Wins 2020 Red Dot Award for 'Bespoke Romance'

Bespoke Romance, a temporary showroom project designed by Paolo Cesaretti Arch for Kale Group, has been awarded a 2020 Red Dot Award: Brand & Communication Design. The design practice has transformed the three key concepts assigned by Kale Group into a minimal geometric shape, evoking perfection & durability. The symbol of infinity becomes the design inspiration for this pavilion, two merging circles representing Kale's cultural duality. This architectural enclosure - rounded, bold, compact but filtering - holds together different brands and features of a global company.

The outer elevations are made of hundreds individually standing Kalesinterflex slabs, a large format tile with minimum thickness, excellent in its versatility. This feature also marks the heart of the exhibition space where Kalesinterflex is used to design a full domestic interior, composed of a kitchen, living room and bathroom. Around this central element, traditional displays of novelties are complemented by interactive installations engaging the visitors and informing them - in a new different way - about the characteristics and use of products.

Due to pure architectural shapes enhanced by a theatrical use of light, the entire stand space is characterized by a metaphysical atmosphere. Product displays evoke domestic and commercial spaces arranged on a loop path. Decorative tableaux made of cut-out ceramic tiles stand against walls and floors. The spacious lounge is an additional attractive space, designed as a hybrid meeting space merging an elegant metropolitan bar with an informal space dedicated to collective work.

Photos: Courtesy of Paolo Cesaretti Arch

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