Brandpie Creates New Brand Identity and Strategy for AmeriCorps

Brandpie Creates New Brand Identity and Strategy for AmeriCorps

Brandpie recently created a new visual identity and brand strategy for AmeriCorps. The design consultancy created a clear and compelling story to increase understanding of the organization that brings people together to serve communities, and also defined a new visual identity to connect with its key audiences.

Operating nationally since 1993, AmeriCorps has served communities and individuals by providing resources, bridging divides, enriching lives, and empowering the betterment of communities across the country. AmeriCorps includes a range of offerings for individuals such as AmeriCorps VISTA, State & National, Foster Grandparents, and others. AmeriCorps also works with many non-profit and faith-based organizations. But because there was no one story for AmeriCorps to use, different parts of the organization were telling different narratives. This made it confusing and difficult for audiences to connect with the overarching story of AmeriCorps.

At the helm of the new identity and strategy is a streamlined Unitary brand: AmeriCorps, as well as the repositioning of Senior Corps to the supporting brand: AmeriCorps Seniors. The change will build recognition in the public sector for the AmeriCorps name, and eliminate confusion around how the organization and its programs relate to one another.

To further highlight this new identity, Brandpie created a modern logomark for AmeriCorps. The three stripes forming the crossbar of the 'A' incorporate the flag symbolism into the mark, while the negative space creates something unexpected and distinct. "We wanted to utilize the equity built around the heritage of the 'A' in the existing logo, but display it in a way that was surprising and unique," explained Rik Haslam, Executive Creative Partner, Brandpie.

The new identity includes an updated color palette and a new contemporary typeface that will stand the test of time and reflect the approachable, welcoming nature of the organization.

Brandpie also delivered execution of the new identity for the organization's website, brand video, and additional assets for social media and print, alongside a refreshed tone of voice and messaging framework.

To build a clearer, more compelling brand architecture and narrative for AmeriCorps, Brandpie and the organization's leadership aligned on new positioning and a creative idea for the organization: "The best of America." This tagline communicates that service to others and volunteerism represents the best of qualities of America. Being an AmeriCorps member or volunteer represents what it means to be a fully engaged member of American society.

Brandpie and AmeriCorps also worked together to develop meaningful and specific brand pillars for the organization: "Unite, Strengthen, Impact, Lead." Each of these brand pillars was then used to guide photography selection, provide direction on video production, and round out the details of the new identity elements.