Monotype Announces Winners of Second Type Champions Award

Monotype Announces Winners of Second Type Champions Award

Monotype has unveiled the winners of its second annual Type Champions Award, which recognizes and celebrates brands that emphasize typography in developing and maintaining brand identities.

The 2020 Type Champions were selected by a panel of 19 global branding experts from Pentagram, Interbrand, A24, Ogilvy and more who evaluated the role of typography in building brand messages, marketing and advertising efforts, and overall customer experiences. Winners comprise a diverse selection of regions, cultures, industries and brand sizes.

"Typography is both architecture and music. It should explode with clarity and delight, elevating a brand's voice above an increasingly noisy mess of customer interfaces and experiences," commented jury member Brian Collins, Chief Creative Officer and Founder, COLLINS. "More than any other visual element, typography can be the most potent technology a company has to distinguish itself and deliver its promise to the communities it serves.

"This year's winners demonstrate how type can be smartly leveraged by brands - both big and small, neighborhoods and nation-states, local cultural organizations and world culture at large. Congratulations to every single one of the uncommonly literate designers who have imagined, created, fought, worked insanely hard, imagined, created, fought, and worked insanely hard again to bring this most important craft to life."


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