Nail Designs New Brand Identity for Providence Children's Museum

Nail Designs New Brand Identity for Providence Children's Museum

Nail recently designed a new brand identity for Providence Children's Museum. The Museum serves children and adults of all backgrounds and from all communities. Its focus is on children, ages 1 to 11, and the adults who care for them by presenting hands-on, play-based exhibits and programs that explore arts, culture & science, technology, engineering, and math.

Parents know their kids play. But few realize why, and that play may be one of the most important things their children do. This is the narrative that Executive Director of the Providence Children's Museum, Caroline Payson, hopes to spread through her community. "The things kids do and are exposed to when they're young have tremendous effects in the years to come," Payson explains. "Play shapes their ability to process ideas, solve problems, handle emotions, and negotiate with peers."

This inspiring vision of play guided Nail Communications when tasked to refresh the Providence Children's Museum. "The more we dug in, the more we came to appreciate how crucial and multi-dimensional play actually is," NAIL creative partner Brian Gross said. "Traditionally, businesses need one logo. But as we dug in and began to understand the importance of play's many faces, we realized that Providence Children's Museum needed more logos. 18 to be specific,"

The 18 unique 'PCM' anagram designs were created featuring the distinct feats of imagination and the way play can be embraced by children. This new identity can be seen inside the Children's Museum as well as their new website, developed by Imaj Associates.

Image: Courtesy of Nail