Sunhouse Designs New Identity for Qnola

Sunhouse Designs New Identity for Qnola

Sunhouse has crafted a radiant new identity for Qnola, elevating the brand's premium offering as it expands its range and reaches into the mainstream. Qnola provides mindful health seekers with nutritionally enhanced, quinoa-based granolas to help them always #wakeupwell. Beyond breakfast, Qnola is a lifestyle brand that encompasses wellness, nutrition and positivity - all the essential elements that lift the spirit and govern a life well-lived.

Sunhouse was tasked with helping Qnola define a manifesto that fully embodied the brand's #wakeupwell promise. The challenge was then to bring it to life with a new identity and packaging design that expanded its appeal to a more mainstream audience.

Taking the 'Q' of the new wordmark, Sunhouse has created both a sunrise and a vivid brand icon that channels the idea of a spirited yet calm morning, rich in possibilities. The new wordmark, resplendent in gold foil, is confident and empowering as it reflects the brand's premiumness and #wakeupwell messaging. Illustrations of pure, untampered ingredients surround the logo in a joyful, lively scattering whilst an eclipsing window showcases the product within.

"The identity communicates Qnola's proposition in a way that is authentic and uplifting," commented Tom Maurice, founder and owner of Sunhouse. "The overall effect should be motivating whilst still maintaining a conscientious composure that is inherent to the brand.

"It was also important for the design to be stylish. It should feel at home in the chic wellness cafes of Los Angeles as well as on shelf in Sainsbury's here in the UK. We delivered this by keeping it simple but not being overly simplistic. With clear communication of benefits and an expression that is bold, optimistic and attainable, we've created a beautiful pack that will be noticed, easily remembered and easily shopped."

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