We Launch Rebrands MyHealthChecked

We Launch Rebrands MyHealthChecked

We Launch has created a new brand and visual identity for MyHealthChecked, the at-home health testing portfolio from Concepta Diagnostics. The new brand coincides with the launch of its latest product - government-approved PCR Covid-19 home sample testing service for travel purposes.

In an increasingly congested home-testing marketplace, MyHealthChecked needed to quickly communicate its proposition, whilst establishing credibility and impact across all channels. Defining the new identity across an initial six-week sprint, the We Launch team created a comprehensive brand world that included a new logo, a bank of hand-drawn illustrations and iconography for on-pack and website navigation, a modular brand architecture, visual language guidelines, packaging design, instructional video, and social media assets.

With a focus on simplicity, reliability, and building trust, the new brand needed to stand out, whether on-shelf or in a DTC environment online. The warm color palette of yellow, orange, and greens complement the characterful, scenario-based illustrations which position the brand within the spheres of human health and wellbeing and beyond the laboratory environment. Friendly and approachable, the identity lends itself to the creation of a broader MyHealthChecked product ecosystem that offers consumers access to reliable information about important aspects of family health from the comfort of user's own homes.

"After a year in which health and home have been pushed firmly to the front of our minds, MyHealthChecked offers an accessible solution to help us adapt to a new normal with confidence," commented Stuart Lang, Founder and Creative Director of We Launch "Health solutions are no longer being delivered in cold, clinical environments, and products like this need to speak to the public in a similar tone of voice to other personal care products to gain and retain market share.

"By imbuing the new brand identity with a warm and friendly approachability, we were able to ensure that MyHealthChecked has standout appeal whether on the shelf or online, extending far beyond the peak of the pandemic."

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