Trollback and Company Redesigns CBS

Trollback + Company Redesigns CBS

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Emmy-Winning creative studio Trollback + Company announced today the completion of a new image campaign for broadcast network CBS. In a move to build on its reputation, the most watched network in America turned to Trollback to create the campaign.

"The network wanted a strong design and branding company that could figure out the relationship between the CBS brand and its successful shows," said Jakob Trollback, Creative Director and Founder of Trollback + Company. "It was our task to understand the smartest way to position them while simultaneously building the equity of CBS."

Impressed with Trollback's portfolio of work for television, CBS initially came to the studio to discuss an image piece. CBS ultimately awarded Trollback with a highly-coveted re-brand project that allowed Trollback to change a piece of media history in the process.

Creating an image package in both standard and high definition for CBS, the campaign consists of a montage of great moments from the network's programs along with bold interstitials that spring onto the screen as well as a design tweak to the familiar CBS eye. Trollback + Company's goal was to give the network a new appearance while drawing a parallel between the CBS brand and its programming.

Initially split between focusing on the network brand and the programming for the network's new look, Trollback eventually opted to combine the two. Highlighting the popularity of the programming to help build the brand, designers conveyed pride and enthusiasm about the shows while also clearly demonstrating the tight connection with the CBS network.

The solution - using the CBS eye logo in a new and inventive way by placing it in a "trademark" position on show titles, days of the week, and descriptive words. This approach took the CBS branding to a new level, in a simple and elegant way in line with the class image of CBS that respects the value of the eye. In addition, the designers placed the words "We are" in front of the CBS eye and in the same position for popular programs and genres. The result - a flexible campaign that seamlessly converts into strong slogans like "We are Survivor," "We are Comedy," and "We are CBS."

William Golden, who created the CBS 'eye' in 1951 and became the brand's guardian, once observed of his creation: "It is such a versatile thing that there seems to be no end to the number of ways it can be used without losing its identity."

Taking their lead from Golden, Trollback devised a campaign that concentrated on advertising and promoting the network's best programming, intrinsically translating the message of pride. The ever-identifiable eye allowed the boutique to simply assimilate the trademark within self-affirming imagery. Scenes from CBS' top shows project on open space and appear to move into infinity only to be revealed as rays leading into the trademark. The brand also makes an energetic appearance beside program titles and in announcing line ups as the graphics zoom in and out and flip sequences.

"The CBS eye is a wonderful marque; there are very few marques that translate the direct relationship of what experiencing the product will be like. We call it the 'marque of excellence,'" said Jakob Trollback.


Project Title: CBS RE-BRAND

Assignment Category: Network Re-Brand
Product Name: WE ARE CBS
Launch date: September 2006

Client Company: CBS
Client City, State: Los Angeles

Mr. Ron Scalera
Executive Vice President & Creative Director
CBS Marketing Group
7800 Beverly Boulevard
Suite 321
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Mr. Jon Lee
Senior Creative Director
CBS On-Air Promo Animation
Address: CBS Corporation
7800 Beverly Boulevard
Room 15
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Mr. Jay Curtis
Creative Lifeguard
7800 Beverly Boulevard
Room 61 GSP
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Trollback & Company
Creative Directors: Joe Wright, Jakob Trollback
Art Directors: Tolga Yildiz, Lloyd Alvarez, Michael Darmanin
Lead Designer: Ian Freeman
Designers: Ders Halgreen, Emre Veryeri, Todd Neale, Paul Schlacter, Garry Waller
Editor: Derekh Froude
Producer: Tandi Rabinowitz
Copy Writers: Joe Wright, Jakob Trollback, Andrew Ure, Colin Glaum, Hunter Williams
Programmers: Tolga Yildiz, Lloyd Alvarez.

Hardware: Apple Macintosh Computers
Software: AFX

About Trollback + Company
Trollback + Company is a visual and conceptual creative studio producing expressive and purposeful graphics, design and live action for advertising, broadcast, and entertainment.

Led by creative directors Jakob Trollback and Joe Wright, the collaborative group of designers and writers creates motion graphics, print, environmental and web design.

T + Co's trademark approach relies on unorthodox thinking and storytelling, and the belief that a compelling and focused message has to shine through for any communication to be truly successful.

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