Trollback and Company Asks Dangerous Questions

Trollback + Company Asks Dangerous Questions

Studio Designs Animates Twelve Questions for 10th Annual Pop Tech

For the 10th annual Pop!Tech conference, taking place October 18-21 in Camden, Maine, Emmy-winning creative studio Trollback + Company created twelve animated questions to set the mood for the event's theme of "Dangerous Ideas." The conceptual, copy-driven graphics speak to Trollback + Company founder's Jakob Trollback's belief that designers need to think like copywriters.

To engage and provoke the audience, Trollback + Company created 12 interstitials that ask "Dangerous Questions." Constructed as 10-second animations using black-and-white images and boldly controversial copy, the interstitials will be shown throughout the three-day conference, initiating dialogue on difficult topics.

"Our society prides itself on allowing open discourse," said Trollback. "Yet there are many issues that are extremely sensitive and hard to approach. They are frequently choked by narrow, partisan and prejudiced thinking."

Trollback + Company created the conference's opening sequence from a long line of dangerous words that highlight not only issues and conflicts, but also solutions and hope. The words are strung together with matching letters and animated with graphic magenta elements to add punch. Michael Montes of Sacred Noise created music that is dark and dangerous, but ultimately inspirational. Getty Images sponsored the project, providing images from their vast library.

The speaker roster, includes New York Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winner Thomas Friedman, game design god Will Wright, ambient music pioneer Brian Eno, global health visionary (and newly minted MacArthur Fellow) Victoria Hale, legendary geneticist Richard Dawkins, renowned environmentalist Lester Brown, Tibetan education pioneer Losang Ragbey, chef and gastronomic inventor Homaro Cantu, and dozens more - and that doesn't even touch on the many incredible performers and unannounced special guests.

About Trollback + Company
Trollback + Company is a visual and conceptual creative studio producing expressive and purposeful graphics, design and live action for advertising, broadcast, and entertainment.

Led by creative directors Jakob Trollback and Joe Wright, the collaborative group of designers and writers creates motion graphics, print, environmental and web design. T + Co's trademark approach relies on unorthodox thinking and storytelling, and the belief that a compelling and focused message has to shine through for any communication to be truly successful.

Trollback + Company:


Project Title: Pop!Tech

Contact for Client Approvals: Andrew Zolli
Contact for Client Quotes: Andrew Zolli
Contact for Trollback quotes: Aimee Przybylski
Assignment Category (e.g. main title, TV spot): Conference Graphics
Product Name: Pop!Tech
Length (if applicable): Show Open + 11 Vignettes
Launch date: October 18, 2006

Client Company: Pop!Tech
Client City, State: Camden, ME
Client credits (if applicable): Andrew Zolli, Z + Partners

Trollback + Company
Creative Director(s): Jakob Trollback
Senior Designer (s): Christina Rüegg, Garry Waller
Copywriter (s): Jakob Trollback, Christina Rüegg
Producer(s): Jenn Dewey
Executive Producer: Aimee Przybylski

Vendor Companies (e.g. music/sound and edit houses) Sacred Noise
Vendor City, State: New York, NY
Vendor Credits (e.g. composer, performers, producer): Michael Montes

Hardware/Software: After Effects/Photoshop

Trollback + Company

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