Digital Designers

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  1. Refik Anadol

    Refik Anadol

    Refik Anadol is a media artist and director currently living and working in Los Angeles, California. He is working in the fields of site-specific public art with parametric data sculpture approach and live audio/visual performance with immersive installation approach, particularly his works explore the space among digital and physical entities by creating a hybrid relationship between architecture and media arts.

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    Joshua Davis

    Joshua Davis pioneered web design in the early 1990s and is now a master of the medium through his commercial work for Kioken in New York and experimental projects such as PrayStation for which he won the Prix Ars Electronica 2001, the prestigious digital art prize.

  3. Robert Hodgin

    Robert Hodgin

    Robert Hodgin's work ranges from simple 2D data visualizations to immersive 3D terrain simulations. My primary interests include theoretical physics, astronomy, flocking simulations, and audio visualizations.

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    Margaret Penney

    Margaret Penney is a media artist, designer, writer and teacher. 10+ years experience as an art director and designer for web, print and motion graphic design in the USA and overseas in Hong Kong and Madrid.

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    Paper Raincoat

    Paper Raincoat is graphic design, print, illustration and web design portfolio of David Newton.

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    Steve Santer

    With over 12 years industry experience in design fields, Steve offers high-level design services and consulting across web and mobile UX and UI design, motion design, animation, and 3D.

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    Adhemas Batista

    Born in Sao Paulo City, Brazil, Adhemas Batista is a self-taught digital artist that is world-renowned for his colorful and distinctive illustrative style that he brings to his projects. Batista has worked for advertising agencies, design studios and interactive shops around the world and has developed skills in creative and art direction, illustration, interactive, photography and post production.

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    Dragan Djordjevic

    Dragan Djordjevic is a senior digital designer focused on delivering a highly personalized service with emphasis on detailed quality work, user experience and client satisfaction.

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    Joe Reinsel

    Joe Reinsel is an artist and educator who works in the areas of time-based arts and interactive media. Starting as a composer, his work evolved to incorporate video, animation, and interactive formats.

  10. Josh Freeman

    Josh Freeman

    Creatively driven interactive developer, producing engaging interactive experiences on every project.

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    David Moles

    David Moles is a freelance designer based in Aberdeen, Scotland, specialising in web design, 3D visualisation and company branding.

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    Matthew Lee

    A Liverpool based creator of digital mixed media, continually involved in and experimenting with a wide spectrum of digital media to create, problem solve and communicate.

  13. Josiah Hobson

    Josiah Hobson

    Experiential & interactive marketing leader with P&L management experience and extensive expertise in creative direction, ui/ux, technical architecture and production/project management.

  14. Janne Kyttanen

    Janne Kyttanen

    Janne Kyttanen is a digital sculptor creating multidisciplinary work at the intersection of 3D printing, virtual & augmented reality.

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    Christopher Grose

    Christopher Grose is an accomplished Senior Designer with more than five years of agency experience specializing in online, mobile and gaming technologies. Having designed interfaces, user experiences and interactive digital strategies for internationally recognized brands such as Electronic Arts: Rolex: Mercedes-Benz: Hyatt: Sony and Dell, Christopher brings great value and insight to creative assignments and user-centered design.

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    Thomas Krajewski

    Thomas Krajewski is an idea driven Senior Art Director with a passion for creative concepts based on strong strategies, focusing on the end user experience.

  17. Lex Roman

    Lex Roman

    Lex Roman is a product Designer focused on growth, data and Experimentation. Based in Los Angeles, California.

  18. Houda Bakkali

    Houda Bakkali

    Houda Bakkali is a freelance creative director based in Barcelona, Spain. She lectures about design and illustration at different forums and her work has won numerous awards from most major design and digital art competitions.

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    Evan Roth

    Evan Roth is an interaction designer who visualizes, records and subverts transient, often unseen moments in public spaces, in popular culture and on the Internet.

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    Daniel Lara

    Daniel Lara is a multimedia artist and designer that investigates the idiosyncrasies and absurdities of human nature through making objects, videos and interactions.

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    Harvey Lanot

    Harvey Lanot is a freelance artist and designer with a vast range of expertise in many areas including web, logo, mascot and character design for apps and games.

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    Dan Skrobak

    Dan Skrobak is a Czech born graphic/web designer currently living and working in Brighton.