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    Designing with One Color

    Designing with One and Two Colors is a visually rich compendium of innovative graphic designs comprised of only one or two colors.

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    Olle Eksell

    This book collects approximately 400 outstanding graphic design works of Olle Eksell, one of the most respected and distinguished Swedish graphic designers. While he contributed to professional and academic arenas, he also created delicate and sensitive private works such as sketches and drawings.

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    Green Patriot Posters

    Green Patriot Posters brings together the strongest contemporary graphic design currently promoting sustainability and the fight against climate change.

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    Design Diaries

    Design Diaries: Creative Process in Graphic Design looks at the essential elements of the creative process through a series of in-depth studies of a range of real-life graphic design projects from the art direction of a magazine issue and the development of a logo, to the design of a poster, a font and a signage system.

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    The Modernist

    Today's designers and illustrators are synthesizing the best elements from past eras of graphic design to create a new visual language with a reduced and rational approach. The Modernist documents this uniquely contemporary, yet timeless aesthetic that is built upon the rediscovery and seamless melding of classical type elements and collage of the 1950s, the geometric patterns and graphic elements of the 1960s and 1970s, and the vector graphics and computer-aided montage of the 1990s.

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    My Own Business Card 2

    The most ambitious project for a designer is undoubtedly the design of its own business card. MyOwnBusinessCard#2 shows more than 200 selected business cards by designer's worldwide.

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    The Next Generation

    The Next Generation is a collection of the up-and-coming Japanese women trendsetters. The book is an unparalleled collection that features ninety promising Japanese women introducing their current commercial work.

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    The Elements of Graphic Design

    This very popular design book has been wholly revised and expanded to feature a new dimension of inspiring and counterintuitive ideas to thinking about graphic design relationships. The second edition includes a new section on Web design; new discussions of modularity, framing, motion and time, rules of randomness, and numerous quotes supported by images and biographies.

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    Hello! UK Graphics

    UK designers have a deserved reputation for being trendsetters and designers from all over the world pay attention and follow the scene to get the latest scoop. Hello! UK Graphics introduces us to "history making" designers from the 1980s like Peter Saville and Neville Brody as well as the top designers working today.

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    Common Interest: Documents

    Common Interest explores document design in the fields of arts, culture, academia, public sector an charities. Displayed, handed out or sold in art galleries, cultural events and other public places, these designs are shared by the general public.

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    A Graphic Design Project

    A graphic design project from start to finish is a practical book, especially for people who are just getting started in graphic design.

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    Form and Fact

    What happens when form and governance are thought as part of the same system? This book attributes a particular function to the graphical arrangement of numerical and statistical data.

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    Graphic USA

    Graphic USA is an alternative guidebook to 25 US cities written and illustrated by graphic designers living in those cities. It looks great and gives a fantastic insight into the independent arts-scenes that are happening around the United States.

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    Layout Look Book 2

    Organized so as to encourage creativity, serendipitous discovery, and inspiration, Layout Look Book 2 is an essential guide to layout design for both amateur and professional designers. The book includes techniques that can be used to enhance any layout, as well as insights into the factors that helped make each layout an effective piece.

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    Victore or, Who Died and Made You Boss?

    In his first book, iconoclastic designer James Victore gives fans a survey of his work and his no-holds-barred take on the practice, business, and teaching of graphic design today.

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    The New Big Book of Layouts

    An exciting collection of the latest and most visually engaging layout designs and design ideas for amateur and professional graphic designers.

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    The Tender Spot

    The Tender Spot is the first comprehensive monograph of renowned German graphic designer Mario Lombardo. His characteristic talent for melding emotional intensity with an intelligent design approach makes Lombardo's work simultaneously some of the most significant being produced today and timeless.

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    Volume: Writings on Graphic Design, Music, Art, and Culture

    Volume: Writings on Graphic Design, Music, Art, and Culture is a collection of both new and classic writings by frequent Emigre contributor and educator Kenneth FitzGerald that survey the discipline of graphic design in context with the parallel creative fields of contemporary music and art.

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    Design Texture

    Look, feel, and enjoy the unique textures in graphic design. A graphic design looks dramatic and distinguished when an unusual material is used or a special finish is successfully applied. This book selects unique examples of those graphics ranging from posters to packaging, and direct mail to editorial designs.

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    New Girly Graphics

    New Girly Graphics collects "girly" images (an interpretation of lovely, sweet, glamorous, cute, etc) that tickles a girls' heart, adding some new aspects such as "poisonous" and "rock 'n' roll". The works include advertisements, catalogues, posters, shop cards, direct mails, packaging, and more.

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    Creativity 39

    This thirty-ninth edition in the "Creativity" series displays the best and brightest ideas in advertising and design work from creative professionals around the world.

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    POP: How Graphic Design Shapes Popular Culture

    POP is the first book to analyze the role of graphic design in the broader culture, as well as the impact of design on other art and entertainment forms, from album covers to baseball stadiums.

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    Modern British Posters

    Modern British Posters explores the interaction between modern art, graphic design and the utopian vision of Britain in the twentieth century, as the modern poster found a way of communicating beyond the established rhetoric of advertising and sales.

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    Five Hundred 45s

    Compiled by well-known designers and authors Spencer Drate and Judith Salavetz, Five Hundred 45s contains more than 500 examples of striking seven-inch record sleeve design across every genre of music and its great musicians-all reproduced at full size.

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    The Story of Graphic Design

    This comprehensive illustrated history begins with the origins of the alphabet itself and carries the reader through the first handwritten books, the invention of printing in the Renaissance, the explosion of graphic styles (and printed media) in the 19th and 20th centuries, and the impact of digital technology on design today.

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    Sagmeister: Made You Look

    Compelling, honest, and intensely personal, Made You Look covers 20 years of Sagmeister's graphic design. With a text by design historian Peter Hall and annotated with Sagmeister's own writing, the book features images from the studio archive, as well as specific influences and reference points for his projects and ideas.

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    "White" is not a book about colors. It is rather Kenya Haras attempt to explore the essence of "White", which he sees as being closely related to the origin of Japanese aesthetics - symbolizing simplicity and subtlety. The central concepts discussed by Kenya Hara in this publication are emptiness and the absolute void.