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    3030 New Graphic Design In China

    The works of 30 young graphic designers from mainland China are compiled here in the form of posters, packaging, book design and illustrations. The works, clearly presented one to a page, reveal a new idea of creativity in China, which grasps the opportunities of astounding economic development while paying tribute to the legacies of ideology and tradition.

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    Design Entrepreneur: Turning Graphic Design Into Goods That Sell

    The Design Entrepreneur will survey the innovative entrepreneurial options a broad group of contemporary graphic designers have engaged in over the past decade, while also addressing the creative process, fabrication and materials, and promotion issues necessary to bring unique products to the marketplace. The Design Entrepreneur is the first book to survey this new field and showcase the innovators who are creating everything from books to furniture, clothes to magazines, plates to surf boards, and more.

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    Data Flow

    The application of diagrams extends beyond its classical field of use today. Data Flow charts this development, introduces the expansive scope of innovatively designed digrams and presents an abundant range of possibilities in visualising data and information. Data Flow is an up-to-date survey providing cutting-edge aesthetics and inspirational solutions for designers, and at the same time unlocks a new field of visual codes.

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    Urban Guerrilla Protest

    Urban Guerrilla Protest is an absorbing documentation of the media guerrillas who ruled the urban landscape between 1995-2005. Using an array of methods designed to seize the attention of the public, many activists worldwide have successfully conveyed their revolutionary messages. "Urban Guerrilla Protest," illustrated cover to cover, addresses many of those methods, the individual messages, and what instigated the protests in the first place.

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    Decoding Design: Understanding and Using Symbols in Visual Communication

    The relevance of shapes, numbers and symbols in communication is timeless. Designers and others who need to know the symbolism behind the shape and symbols they use will find this book indispensable. Decoding Design integrates design with other disciplines and genres, such as philosophy, math and physics, for a holistic and worldly presentation of ideas.

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    One hundred top international creatives and leading trend magazines envision and visualize a new creative language for expressing green modes of mobility. The rich diversity of work in this anthology shows how greener modes of transportation can shape our future path in a positive way.

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    Graphic Artists Guild Handbook

    Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical guidelines, 12th Edition is the industry bible, containing information all graphic artists and their clients need to buy and sell work in a totally professional manner. This edition has been revised and updated to provide all the information you need to compete in an industry moving at lightning speed.

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    Fully Booked: Cover Art and Design for Books

    There is more unhindered experimentation with the printed book now than ever before. Fully Booked is a collection of current cover and book design that strikes a crucial balance between sophisticated visual and content design on the one hand and the market's demand for availability, legibility and durability on the other. In addition, the book presents a choice selection of artist books that push the boundaries of conventional book design. A must have for book lovers, book creators and publishers, Fully Booked also reveals trends in today's graphic design.

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    Color Management

    Color Management shows how to implement color as a practical form of problem solving. It is a consolidated resource, arming designers with an understanding of how to communicate with and manage color in all its aspects and applications; subtractive and additive; pigment, CMYK and RGB; 2-D and 3-D; still and motion.

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    New Masters of Poster Design: Poster Design for the Next Century

    This book showcases their breathtaking artwork, which has proven that the poster can still serve as a worthy communications tool. In doing so, they've brought the poster back to prominence. In this book, John Foster has compiled the world's finest new work at the height of this rebirth. There is currently no book on the market that can claim it features a "definitive" poster collection.

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    Lemon Poppy Seed: Multitasking Creativity

    A new generation of talent is currently developing its own interdisciplinary and refreshingly off-key visual vocabulary. Lemon Poppy Seed is a compilation of work by young, international artists whose styles defy current trends and classifications and are all the more brilliant for doing so. The book is the perfect source for those who want to see the organic development of new artistic terrain before the mainstream attempts to erect shopping centres upon it.

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    Arabesque: Graphic Design from the Arab World and Persia

    Arabesque investigates the current creative potential of the Arab World and Persia. The book collects examples of recent innovative and groundbreaking design work that is inspired by the richness of the region's visual culture. In addition to a wide range of Arabic fonts and typefaces, it presents graphic design, modern calligraphy, logos and illustration by artists from Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon.

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    How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer

    This book presents a series of illuminating and entertaining conversations with twenty-one of today's most influential and revered designers: Milton Glaser, Paula Scher, Peter Saville, Chip Kidd, Stefan Sagmeister, Michael Bierut, Carin Goldberg, Neville Brody, Emily Oberman & Bonnie Seigler, James Victore, John Maeda, Paul Sahre, Jessica Helfand, Seymour Chwast, Lucille Tenazas, Vaughan Oliver, Steff Geissbuhler, Stephen Doyle, Abbott Miller, Massimo Vignelli.

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    The Big Book of Graphic Design

    The Big Book of Graphic Design is the independent, international, and indispensable collection of graphic design from around the world. The work is grouped into seven categories: Corporate Design, Design for the arts, Design for Music, Design for Education, Editorial Design, Self Promotion and Unpublished.

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    Choosing and Using Paper for Great Graphic Design

    In the world of print, paper choice influences every design project and designers often complain about the lack of genuinely good reference material for projects requiring a strong design input. Choosing and Using Paper for Great Graphic Design fills this gap.

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    Kelvin: Colour Today

    Colour, more specifically colour temperature, is measured in a unit called the Kelvin. The book Kelvin identifies which possibilities exist for the conscious use of colour. Each chapter relates to a colour: blue, red, yellow, green, purple, brown and orange, as well as the achromatic "colours" black and white in addition to special colours and rainbow.

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    Contemporary Graphic Design

    This compendium showcases the extraordinary cutting-edge work of 100 of the world's most progressive graphic designers, from the hard-hitting political messages of Jonathan Barnbrook to the lyrical digital compositions of Peter Saville to the iconoclastic imagery of Stefan Sagmeister.

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    Tactile: High Touch Visuals

    Tactile shows how graphic design is moving into three-dimensional objects and products. The innovative examples documented in the book demonstrate how designers are developing and implementing their ideas spatially from the very outset of a project.

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    Supersonic: Visuals for Music

    Supersonic presents over 320 striking pages of today's best-designed music products with a focus on Independent and Alterative Rock as well as Electronica. In addition to abundant visuals, the book contains an informative foreword and features portraits of selected designers and companies, who are creating outstanding work in these musical fields.

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    Non-Format is a London-based design studio comprised of the Norwegian Kjell Ekhorn and the Brit Jon Forss. This creative team has built a formidable international reputation with exceptional graphic design and illustrations that are strikingly innovative and fresh yet have a timelessness that goes beyond fleeting style trends. The monograph Non-Format presents the full spectrum of their work, which ranges from delicate drawings for album covers to riveting advertisements for Coke and Nike as well as pristine graphic design for publications such as Varoom or the UK music magazine The Wire.

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    Influences looks at who and what is influencing, provoking, inspiring and informing graphic designers' working methods and research processes today. Two hundred of the best established and up-and-coming graphic designers around the world were asked about their influences. Their responses reveal the hidden catalysts that motivate and propel designers. The entries show the range of preparatory work and intensive research that forms the backbone of any creative project.

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    Stickers have become an essential element of contemporary street art used by the most underground of artists. This extensive volume presents over 800 examples from around the world and includes 2 pages of award winning real stickers for the reader's enjoyment.

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    Disorder in Progress

    Following on the success of Brasil Inspired, Disorder in Progress digs deeper into Brazil to present a compelling overview of the diversity and vigor of Brazilian visual culture. Brazil is a country of incomparable cultural diversity and brash contradictions. While Brasil Inspired featured vivid inspirations of Brazil, Disorder in Progress shows the mixed reality and adopts the motto of the national flag "Ordem e Progresso".

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    The Savvy Designer's Guide To Success

    Now every designer can reap the benefits of having the perfect mentor. In this career guide, Jeff Fisher shows off his winning personality with ideas and solutions to nearly every career dilemma, including: - Building a recognizable and reputable firm - Presenting a professional image all the time - Mastering client communication - Learning from (and salvaging) mistakes - Determining fees for work - Finding happiness along with financial success .

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    The Elements of Graphic Design: Space, Unity, Page Architecture, and Type

    Approach page design in a revolutionary new way! Unlike other graphic design books, The Elements of Graphic Design reveals the secrets of successful graphic design from the unique perspective of the page's "white space." With the help of carefully selected examples from art, design, and architecture, the role of white space as a connection between page elements is thoroughly explored.

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    The Big Book of Design Ideas

    This is a book that many have described as a must have for every designers bookshelf. Finally available in paperback, this invaluable compendium offers more than 900 examples of graphic design projects of all kinds -- promotional materials, letterheads, editorial layouts, exhibits, packaging, posters, annual reports, T-shirts and more -- culled from the work of leading professionals in every area of the graphic design field.