Illustrators in the United Kingdom

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    Lo Cole

    The portfolio site of artwork by Lo Cole. Illustrations and other works on paper, canvas and on walls.

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    Stanley Hooper

    Freelance illustrator living and working in Brighton in the UK. Working for editorial and publishing clients in the UK and USA. Illustrations take the form of digital collage.

  3. Gavin Dias

    Gavin Dias

    Gavin Dias is a contemporary illustrator and graphic designer from London. Gavin's work is a contemporary take on sensual ideals. Characters are portrayed in a personal state with a director's viewpoint.

  4. Marsha White

    Marsha White

    Freelance illustrator producing work for childrens book and editorial purposes. Marsha was born in 1978 in London (year of the jellied eel) and now lives and works in Brighton, England.