Interior Design Companies

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    Based in Ascot Berkshire, CBS specialize in office interior design, furniture, space planning and office acoustics.

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    Stef Albert

    Sought-after design firm based in Manhattan specializing in high-end, international interior design. State-of-the-art planning, presentation and visualization services with highly talented team under supervision of owner for unique, original and personalized designs above the generic.

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    Brown Design

    Brown Design is a full scale interior design firm located in Los Angeles, California. Ryan and Joshua Brown, the principals of Brown Design, are brothers, interior designers and residential developers who share a passion for creating stylish, organic and contemporary spaces that are truly stunning.

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    Invisible City

    With Studios in London and Brighton design consultants Invisible City provide inspirational lifestyle and living solutions which blend provocative design and technology with outstanding architecture.

  5. Stewart-Schafer


    Stewart-Schafer is a creative design and architecture firm creating timeless objects, furniture, and environments.

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    Catherine Macfee Interior Design

    Catherine Macfee Interior Design is a full service design firm, taking the world of high-end residential and select boutique commercial projects by storm. The award winning firm practices authentic and quality design with an eclectic and vibrant approach to Mountain, Coastal, Country, and Ranch lifestyles.

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    Klingmann Architects and Brand Consultants

    Klingmann Architects & Brand Consultants (KABC), founded in 2001 by Anna Klingmann, is a New York based architecture and brand consultant firm with operations in London, Berlin, and Abu Dhabi. The company primarily works on master planning, landscape design and place making, mixed use and resorts, retail design and branding, and interiors.

  8. Senger Design Group

    Senger Design Group

    Senger is an award-winning, full-service interior design firm founded in 1991 in Colorado. The SDG team specializes in energy-efficient and sustainable interior design for commercial, residential, hospitality, multifamily, government, and historic design projects across the country.

  9. Fettle


    Fettle is a boutique interior architecture and design firm specializing in the hospitality sector. With offices in Los Angeles and London, the firm offers a full spectrum of services, from space planning to furniture design.

  10. Elstad Interiors

    Elstad Interiors

    Elstad is a Chicago based interior design firm that provides residential and commercial, interior and exterior, design services across the US and the UK. Established in 2001, Elstad Interiors has completed hundreds of successful projects - transforming residential spaces into luxurious dream homes and offices into comfortable, inspiring spaces through innovative, purposeful design.

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    Joe Ginsberg Design

    Joe Ginsberg Design is an innovative full-service interior design firm specialized in custom fabrication and distinctive material application.

  12. Pizzale Design

    Pizzale Design

    Pizzale Design is a full-service residential and commercial design firm. We create liveable luxury for busy clients who care about design and value for a seamless renovation, a custom home and commercial projects.

  13. FineLine Design

    FineLine Design

    Fineline is an award-winning interior design company in Singapore that specializes in residential and commercial interior design.

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    Horn Design

    Horn Design was established in 1984 in Chicago's River North neighborhood as a relationship-driven interior architectural firm, approaching design from each client's perspective. Our mission is to understand every aspect of each client's workplace environment and company culture. We believe that close client collaboration produces their optimal workplace environment. Our personalized design solutions help our clients meet their business, cultural, and real estate objectives and creatively help them find and express their voice. This is reflected in the spaces we create with them and illustrates our ability to connect with our clients.

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    NorthPoint Design

    NorthPoint Design is a full service interior design company that specializes in Cabins, Lodges, Resorts and Vacation Homes. We also have a custom line of rustic furniture and home furnishings that we display in our showroom in Hayward Wisconsin.

  16. SGH Design Partners

    SGH Design Partners

    SGH Design Partners an interior design firm with offices in Toronto, Halifax, and Vancouver. The studio is based on innovative thinking, collaborative approaches supported by an open environment allowing creativity to reach its highest levels. All under one central umbrella, we are developing and building solutions with strong branded identities for our clients.

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    Tim Wood

    Tim specialises in combining the highest level of craftsmanship, creative use of different types of wood and the best of modern manufacturing methods to create pieces that are original, beautiful and functional.

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    Randi Halpern

    Offering complete concepts from architectural plan review through interior design and analysis. we apply creative and technical solutions within a structure that are functional, attractive and enhance the occupants' quality of life and culture.

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    Ramsey Engler

    Ramsey Engler is one of Minneapolis' premier interior design firms. Established in 1981, Ramsey Engler has earned an impeccable reputation for their creative design innovations and extensive portfolio.

  20. Revamp Interior Design

    Revamp Interior Design

    Revamp Interior Design is a New York City-based firm dedicated to creating eclectic tailored spaces for residential, hospitality, and commercial clients around the U.S. The firm's name is representative of the transformative approach of its principals, former Pratt classmates Danielle Fennoy and Cece Stelljes. The team specializes in balancing unparalleled sophistication with unexpected moments that capture each client's unique personality, always inspiring a smile.

  21. Seymour Diamond

    Seymour Diamond

    Seymour Diamond is a company founded by Fiona Diamond in 2010, after a design career spanning 30 years, influencing the creation of some of the world's most well recognised and award-winning yachts. Seymour Diamond offers comprehensive design and project management services for prime residential properties, private planes and on yachts.

  22. tda interiors

    tda interiors

    tda interiors is a commercial interior architectural design company providing the complete solution from office design, fit out, furniture to project management.