Branding Design Studios

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  1. Vizwerks


    Vizwerks is a Portland-based design agency with a passion for creating powerful brand experiences. Our multi-disciplinary design team works collaboratively to craft evocative, compelling and award-winning brand experiences.

  2. StudioRd Design

    StudioRd Design

    StudioRd is an independent graphic design and branding studio in the Greater Boston Area. We build and enhance brand identities for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

  3. Heinous Creations

    Heinous Creations

    Heinous Creations is a brand identity & strategy firm headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. We help businesses grow with powerful identities and effective strategies. Our goal is to give your business a leg up against competitors in the evolving digital world.

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    BFG is a creative agency that brings new thinking to your brand. We strategize across the media spectrum to create smart, unexpected ideas that put your brand right in the middle of the culture you want it to impact and interact with.

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    Mark Slawinski

    MSGDS creates unique and insightful designs that capture audiences attention. Our work includes brand identity, packaging, collateral, and multimedia.

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    JB Design

    JB Design is dedicated to creating superior visual identity across a range of media. We conceive, create, design, and supervise implementation of corporate printed materials of all kinds, internet and intranet web sites, consumer and industrial packaging, and corporate and brand identity programs.

  7. brands for the heart

    brands for the heart

    brands for the heart is a branding & design agency that helps impact-driven entrepreneurs create companies that look, feel and behave like multi-million dollar businesses. We help you turn on your legacy with a message that matters, because the world will change when your mission is activated.

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    GEM Minneapolis

    GEM Minneapolis specializes in design, branding, and production for catalogs, consumer goods and food packaging, point of sale promotions, and 3D (lenticular) design and printing.

  9. paul howell  - Design

    paul howell : Design

    paul howell : Design (phD) is a branding and design studio that helps organizations and individuals uncover their truths and connect with their audiences in meaningful and beautiful ways. We are strategic, creative thinkers who place high value on quality, craft and above all, intelligent ideas that drive bottom-line results.

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    Interrobang provides brand strategy and develops identity, packaging, print and web communications. We are dedicated design professionals - educated and experienced. Our creative is targeted, designed to communicate your message and engage your audience.

  11. Stimulating Minds

    Stimulating Minds

    Design agency based in the midlands specialising in branding, literature and marketing communications. Our philosophy is to offer fully committed and effective design solutions with the most appropriate mix of media to answer the clients needs.

  12. Lyon and Lyon

    Lyon & Lyon

    Lyon & Lyon is a design agency that creates extraordinary work for extraordinary people. We work closely with our clients to create innovative and engaging brand experiences.

  13. Carpenter Collective

    Carpenter Collective

    Carpenter Collective is led by partners, Jessica and Tad Carpenter. The pair have been collaborating together since the day they met in design school over a dozen years ago. Since then, they've earned a national reputation for creating powerful brand experiences and unique visual storytelling with a whimsical wink.

  14. Enrich


    Enrich is a creative firm dedicated to helping companies and consumers make healthier choices and create a better quality of life. We specialize in designing clear and effective graphic communication systems and packaging solutions for companies in the food and wellness industries.

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    Tomlinson is a creative services agency that combines strategy, technology and creative expertise to develop effective marketing communications. We help our clients build strong brands, differentiate themselves in the marketplace, and drive measurable business results.

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    Bronson Ma Creative

    At Bronson Ma Creative, we are passionate about helping you communicate your brand to your audience in a way that they can understand. Whether it is through an integrated brand identity system or a corporate website, we know what it takes to make your brand stand out.

  17. Viabrand


    Viabrand is a specialist branding agency in Brisbane, with a proven track record of success. With a strict strategy first approach to all branding and marketing campaigns, Viabrand creates compelling brand identities that cut through the noise and reach your target audiences.

  18. Grapheine


    Graphéine is a branding agency created in 2002 by like-minded and lively designers from various professional walks of life, all addicted to image.

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    Mr B & Friends

    Mr B & Friends is a strategic brand and creative agency helping clients to create, build and communicate their brands through all media.

  20. Creative Engine

    Creative Engine

    Creative Engine is a design agency focused on positioning our client's organizations clearly in the mind of consumers.

  21. Turtle and Hare

    Turtle and Hare

    Turtle and Hare studio creates exciting visual identities and creative video content for passionate, independent brands. We enjoy building relationships with brands as they grow into successful independent businesses.

  22. Design Gap

    Design Gap

    Design Gap is a brand agency partnering with passionate startups to build enduring and distinctive brand identities.

  23. Might and Main

    Might & Main

    Might & Main is a brand design studio in Portland, Maine. We use smart, beautiful design to help companies and organizations build a reputation, market products, and connect with people.

  24. Watson and Company

    Watson & Company

    Watson & Company (W&CO) is a New York City-based brand and advertising agency specializing in crafting intelligent brands that shine brightly, stand out and connect with the most sought-after audiences in the world.

  25. Axion Design

    Axion Design

    Axion creates in-depth, compelling brand opportunities that are simultaneously unique and universal. Expertise includes brand/logo development, package design, creative services and new media for companies in business for years or just starting up.

  26. Studio Shizaru

    Studio Shizaru

    Shizaru is a Tahran-based design boutique founded by two young designers who pursued their passion through the diverse arena of Iran's design and advertising industry and adopted a start-up design business of their own with a special twist.

  27. FourthCanvas


    FourthCanvas is a brand-centric design and web agency based in Lagos. We partner with and create innovative solutions for the most ambitious brands.

  28. Briggs Hillier

    Briggs Hillier

    Briggs Hillier is a global design agency that combines insight, imagination and retail know-how to create powerful brand and in-store experiences.

  29. Abell Design

    Abell Design

    Abell is a branding and communication design studio based in York, UK. We are devoted to the craft of design, creating visual impact for our clients.

  30. Bright


    Bright is a creative branding house helping food and beverage CPGs connect with consumers to grow their businesses. We are strategic thinkers, storytellers, packaging designers, listeners and conceptual developers.