Branding Design Studios

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  1. Cherry Bomb

    Cherry Bomb

    Cherry Bomb is a multidisciplinary creative studio focused on brand creation, branding and illustration and web development.

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    Logic Design

    Logic Design creates aspirational brands thanks to the original and highly effective methodology that they apply. Logic Design promises to build or assist your leadership and optimise your marketing performances.

  3. Jogo


    We are a multi-disciplinary design agency with a strong focus on Branding and UI/UX design. We are based in Buenos Aires and Madrid and we create amazing online experiences for the most amazing clients and start ups around the world.

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    400 is a leading graphic design company in London UK. Agency services include; corporate identity, branding, website design, brochure and rebranding.

  5. Little Big Brands

    Little Big Brands

    Little Big Brands is a brand strategy and design firm. We've been creating and reinventing brands since 2001. Our work is insightful, inspired and never frivolous, and we take great pride in finding the nuances that make our clients unique.

  6. Fable&Co.


    Fable&Co. is a branding, design & digital creative agency based in Brighton & London. We bring new brands to life & breathe new life & purpose into existing ones.

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    We are an award-winning creative agency specialising in Branding and promotional design for Media, Entertainment, and Telecom clients worldwide.

  8. Landscape


    Landscape is an internationally recognized brand strategy and design studio committed to the creation of forward-looking identities and experiences. Landscape translates narratives into systems to create long-term, scalable business value. The studio embraces the arts and technology equally, providing guidance to clients that pursue influential change through their products and services.



    LLOYD&CO is a collective of 35 creative, spirited individuals who together share an aesthetic for strong, strategic branding. Our extensive capabilities include print/TV advertising, packaging design, collateral development/design, retail design/consultation, online services and media planning.

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    April is an independent, multi-disciplinary design studio based in London. The studio was set up by Lisa Sjukur and Joana Niemeyer.

  11. The Butler Bros

    The Butler Bros

    Founded in 2002, the Butler Bros is a brand studio that believes radical collaboration is the true path to brand transformation. We use empathy, insights and ingenuity to design communications that move people, grow brands and obliterate the status quo.

  12. Born and Bred

    Born & Bred

    Born & Bred is a growth branding agency specializing in finding that emotion that evokes powerful responses.

  13. The Working Assembly

    The Working Assembly

    The Working Assembly is an award-winning multidisciplinary design studio with a focus on branding and visual design. Founded in 2014, we partner with clients and agencies for end-to-end brand building, including strategy and visual identity, print and digital design, content and creative communications.

  14. RELAX


    Relax creates and enhances brands for clients operating across the globe. From our offices in Sydney and Leeds, Relax and our UK consultancy, Chilli combine both creativity of thought with originality of execution to produce effective pieces of communication across all design disciplines.

  15. NB Studio

    NB Studio

    NB is an award winning, multi-disciplinary branding and communication studio. Established in 1997, NB is owned by Creative Directors, Nick Finney and Alan Dye.

  16. Sail Creative

    Sail Creative

    Sail Creative is an independent branding studio built on passions for art, culture & social change. We create meaningful design using creativity, strategy & collaboration.

  17. Heat


    Heat is a creative agency that believes in the power of surprise to solve problems, build brands and turn ordinary customers into raving fans. Based in San Francisco, Heat is the agency of record for EA SPORTS, Bank of the West, Sunrun, Riverbed Technologies, MINI of San Francisco, and AOL Consumer Applications Group.

  18. Studio Kluif

    Studio Kluif

    Founded by Paul Roeters and Jeroen Hoedjes, Studio Kluif is a Netherlands based design agency. With a 360-degree approach to a wide variety of businesses and brands, Studio Kluif breaks the traditional boundaries of 'classic' graphic design. Exploring the clients' goals, making the right choices on both creative and strategic matters, we are able to show the bigger picture.

  19. Proverb


    Proverb is an award-winning, global brand-building agency that specializes in consumer experiences that move products, ideas, and organizations to market strength quickly for a broad portfolio of clients.

  20. Almighty


    Almighty is a branding studio focussed on understanding the truth behind your brand and making it meaningful for customers.

  21. Uniform


    Uniform is a creative company. For over twenty years, we've been using design to solve problems, change mindsets and help our clients succeed.

  22. Hart and Jones

    Hart & Jones

    Hart & Jones are an international brand and packaging design agency that combines expertise in semiotics, insight and design to help brands create standout growth.

  23. BASIC


    BASIC is an award-winning branding and experience design agency tapping culture to build brands in a new way.

  24. Popp Studio

    Popp Studio

    Popp Studio is a London-based brand design agency founded in 2018 by Poppy Stedman and Andrew Slade. We design brands with Popp by creating ideas that balloon with possibility.

  25. Brown&co


    Brown&co offers brand strategy, online and offline identity development, integrated or isolated 2D and 3D packaging solutions, multi-sensorial brand experience creation, employee engagement programs, naming, and concept and execution across all brand touch points.

  26. Hatem+D


    Hatem+D offers "turnkey" solutions that include a complete coverage of the brand. The firm strongly believes that architecture is a part of corporate identity. Their unique creative approach consists of promoting the power of multidisciplinary conception by uniting architects and communication experts to create a brand supporting dynamic.

    Ville de Qu├ębec, QC, Canada
  27. Studio Gurr

    Studio Gurr

    Studio Gurr is an award-winning graphic design and branding studio specializing in holistic brand experiences that span across logo systems, packaging, printed collateral, signage, wayfinding, and digital design.

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    The Richards Group

    The Richards Group is a Dallas-based branding and full service advertising agency offering a full range of advertising, marketing and interactive solutions.