Branding Design Studios

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  1. Bravo


    Bravo is a creatively led, independent design studio based in Singapore.

  2. Ström and Jag

    Ström & Jag

    Ström & Jag is an independent design agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. We specialize in branding and visual communication and together with our clients we develop strategic and bespoke design solutions.

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    Hayden & Co.

    Hayden & Co. is an untraditional team creating brands for soda-makers, breweries, winemakers & clothing retailers.

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    Kraftmark is a Bucharest based graphic design studio with a focus on brand identity, web & illustrations.

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    An award winning brand strategy consultant & design agency that improves bottom lines. With an emphasis on brand development through strategic design, the agency sports a diverse portfolio of successful brand development and packaging design for an international clientele ranging from MNCs to SMEs.

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    Summa is an international branding agency with offices in Barcelona and Madrid.

  7. Harta Design

    Harta Design

    Founded by Chiara Debenedetti in 2011, Harta Design specializes in packaging, logos and corporate identity for luxury brands in the fashion, fragrance and food and beverage industries.

  8. Brand Essence

    Brand Essence

    Brand Essence is a strategic branding and design agency. We make brands stronger combining strategic thinking with clear and relevant design to create memorable communication that lasts over time.

  9. aftermodern.lab


    aftermodern.lab is an accomplished award-winning Toronto-based communication design studio working in both cultural and commercial contexts in all mediums. The studio was founded in Toronto in 2009 by Principals; Anthony Campea and Trevor Embury.

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    ID&B is a branding and visual communications design studio. We work with companies in the strategic development, design and rollout of their corporate and consumer-orientated brands.

  11. Smith Brand Design

    Smith Brand Design

    At Smith Brand Design we create value through providing branding solutions for established brand icons that want to stay ahead. And we help brave challenger brands who aspire to be the icons of the future through fresh new ideas and seductive design.

  12. TANK


    TANK creates remarkable brand experiences. A place where brands are born and given life of their own to grow and evolve. Where ideas thrive, individuals are respected and insightful strategy blends with inspired creativity.

  13. Percept


    Percept is a branding, design and creative agency in Sydney. We're branding specialists, with a focus on strategic design solutions that achieve successful outcomes.

  14. Unique Brand Factory

    Unique Brand Factory

    Unique Brand Factory is a creative branding and design agency in Turkey. With its unique approach, UBF offers a unique combination of strategy, communication and design for successful branding.

  15. Bureau Mitte

    Bureau Mitte

    Bureau Mitte is a multi-disciplinary design and craft studio providing strategy, identity and design for commercial and cultural clients. Established in 2011 by the graphic designers Anna Ranches and Helene Uhl, over the years the Bureau has grown and surrounded itself with a large network of partners. The design and craft studio is located in Frankfurt's culturally imprinted historic city centre.

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    Lava Brands

    Lava Brands is the leading advertising, branding and digital communication agency in the MENA region, headquartered in Dubai, UAE with an office in Beirut, Lebanon.

  17. Level Group

    Level Group

    Level Group is an award-winning, full-service creative agency specializing in strategic branding and impactful design. Since 1997 Level has collaborated with clients to shape work ranging from branding programs to interactive experiences and websites, magazines, annual reports, title sequences, exhibitions, and more. Founded in 1997, Level focuses on the development of brand experiences across all media. Our work emphasizes the development of an integrated strategy and critical thinking as essential parts of the design process. Project leadership and the development of relationships based on mutual respect are hallmarks of Level's collaboration with its clients.

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    Founded in December 2008 in Germany by Oguzhan Ocalan, Gravitart is an innovative, professional and responsive graphic design & branding studio which is providing corporate identity design services, branding consultation, type and lettering design to clients worldwide.

  19. DIA


    DIA is an Asia-Pacific brand design agency based in Singapore with studios in Malaysia, Australia and Indonesia.

  20. August


    August is a graphic design studio based in Oakleigh, Melbourne.

  21. Depot


    Depot is an independent, international branding agency. We provide a wide range of branding services and are one of the leading companies in the Russian market.

  22. Henn+Honeyball


    Henn+Honeyball is a Johannesburg based multidisciplinary design studio that follows a considered and inclusive approach to create memorable and lasting design solutions.

  23. Clase


    Clase is a design and creative direction studio based in Barcelona. Branding and Art Direction are what we do; from strategic thinking to conceptualisation and execution. We design to give brands a strong visual identity and communication.

  24. Jam&Co Design

    Jam&Co Design

    Jam&Co is a vibrant design agency with an extremely talented and diverse team. With over 20 years experience in the world of branding, design and packaging we know a thing or two about what works for our clients.

  25. molivi


    molivi is a design studio based in Greece that specializes in communicating brands.

  26. Shikatani Lacroix Design

    Shikatani Lacroix Design

    Shikatani Lacroix Design (SLD) is an award-winning leader in strategic design. With offices in Toronto, New York and Shanghai, SLD delivers transformational change for brands, from packaging and environmental design to graphics and digital. Through the proven Blink Factor and Think Blink processes, SLD is inspiring the future of retail experiences.

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    3 10

    3 10 is a Barcelona based creative studio that specializes in building brands through storytelling, design, film and motion. We work for big companies as well as passionate tiny projects.

  28. Erretres


    Erretres is a strategic and digital branding and design consultancy founded by Pablo Rubio Ordás in Madrid in 2003. Its strength is based on a multidisciplinary team whose shared objective is to provide effective solutions to complex problems. They view design as an asset that should be integrated into all corporate strategies and consider it a vehicle for guaranteeing success with products and services.