Branding Design Studios

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  1. Briggs Hillier

    Briggs Hillier

    Briggs Hillier is a global design agency that combines insight, imagination and retail know-how to create powerful brand and in-store experiences.

  2. CiD


    CiD is a results-focused London based design agency providing personal, tailored services that add value and improve client profitability.

  3. Bright


    Bright is a creative branding house helping food and beverage CPGs connect with consumers to grow their businesses. We are strategic thinkers, storytellers, packaging designers, listeners and conceptual developers.

  4. Primer Grey

    Primer Grey

    Primer Grey is a team of designers, producers, strategists, developers, creators, and collaborators in Houston's East End with a history of developing brand experiences for the public, private and non-profit arenas, across a consciously mixed set of industries.

  5. Heighton Agency

    Heighton Agency

    Heighton Agency creates brands that resonate and engage, accelerating their growth through design, web and digital solutions. Our diverse range of services and specialisms offers a menu of tools and techniques from which we can shape the right brand, web and communications strategy for you.

  6. The Armoury

    The Armoury

    The Armoury is a creative agency based in Norwich, founded in 2015 by Lee Scarfe and Lee Turner. With decades of experience in the creative industry, the agency was formed to help clients to get the best out of their product or service with their wide skillset, knowledge, and passion.

  7. WonderWild


    WonderWild is a brand identity + design studio who brings brands to life through emotionally compelling design.

  8. Team Creatif USA

    Team Creatif USA

    Team Creatif USA is a strategic branding agency located in Charlotte, NC, committed to creating and developing designs that validate choice, demand consideration, or entice re-evaluation. We offer a complete range of full-service capabilities, and at our core, we specialize in strategy, branding, and design. With a client roster ranging from small, local brands to global icons, we aim to bring curiosity, tenacity and collaboration to every partnership.

  9. blank


    Uma is a design studio with the ambition to bring innovative thinking into branding through creativity and design.

  10. Strømme Throndsen Design

    Strømme Throndsen Design

    Strømme Throndsen Design is a solid agency with 9 employees. Our mix of young, promising and skilled, award-winning designers in combination with consultants with customer experience, makes us a strong team. We are ambitious and demanding, both on behalf of ourselves and on behalf of our customers.

  11. Wondergram


    Wondergram is a creative agency that combines analytical rigor with design sensibility to create original, inspiring designs & communications.

  12. blank


    Limeshot is a graphic design practice based in Sydney, with a penchant for branding work and a firm belief that good design - and even more so a good brand - should fulfill a purpose and tell a story. From logo design to full branding work and marketing paraphernalia, the narrative thread should engage the end customer and give a voice to a brand.

  13. blank


    straightAd's talented specialists are experts in branding, web strategy and development, and customer communications design. We're easy to work with, very fast, and extremely affordable.

  14. blank


    OK-RM is a London based design studio founded in 2008 by Oliver Knight & Rory McGrath. Working with a broad range of clients from individuals to institutions, the studio has a project specific approach allowing for a highly varied output that encompasses visual identity, publication design, art direction, editorial and digital projects.

  15. blank


    WHAM is a London based team of creative and strategically-minded individuals. WHAM creates, re-invents and delivers new brands worldwide. We help clients define their position and communicate it to the people who matter.

  16. CC&Co.


    CC&Co. is the design practice of Peter Trigar, an award-winning Melbourne-based designer. Working with a wide range of organizations and companies, from federal to local government, through to the design, arts, sports, and hospitality industries within Australia, China and Europe.

  17. Salt Design Co.

    Salt Design Co.

    Salt Design Co. is a full-service branding and design studio that helps small businesses and startups develop strong foundations and strategies to enable growth.

  18. blank


    Rebus is a small graphic design studio based in Ripon North Yorkshire, near Harrogate. Rebus specializes in the design of logos, brochures, stationary, packaging, and exhibitions graphics.

  19. Hype Type

    Hype Type

    Hype Type is a multidisciplinary design and creative studio based in Los Angeles. The studio specializes in brand identity, art direction and typography.

  20. Experience Rethink

    Experience Rethink

    Experience Rethink is a user experience and design innovation agency based in Atlanta and working with brands around the world. We help companies create products, services and brands that are easy to use, understand and remember.

  21. blank


    eyespeak is a branding agency in Atlanta that specializes in brand strategy, visual identity, app design, and responsive web design & development.

  22. Chromatic Brands

    Chromatic Brands

    Chromatic Brands is a brand strategy, naming and design consultancy. We use strategy, creative thinking and design to improve business performance.

  23. Gridiron Labs

    Gridiron Labs

    Gridiron Labs is an award-winning, Los Angeles based design studio that builds supercharged brand ID systems and interactive experiences that excite, elevate, and empower sports franchises and action sports brands.

  24. zeropoint7 Studio

    zeropoint7 Studio

    zeropoint7 is an award-winning, creative studio crafting evocative and sophisticated brand identities for ambitious startups, compassionate nonprofits, and established corporations with annual revenues exceeding $4.5 million. The studio's project portfolio ranges from providing brand strategy and consulting to constructing comprehensive digital and physical brand identity solutions for U.S. and international clients.

  25. Faker Agency

    Faker Agency

    Faker Agency is an Amsterdam based creative agency for strategic branding & design. We design exceptional brands and make them stand out, through a unique and inspiring brand experience. One that people connect with & remember. Whether it's creating an identity, a branded space or a printed magazine, the brand's essence always forms the concept on which everything is created. We work with clients seeking to turn their new or existing business into a unique brand, that really stands out and connects with its audience.

  26. Prakt


    Prakt is a Helsinki-based design agency specializing in visual identity design for both print and digital.

  27. blank

    Fahrenheit Studio

    Fahrenheit Studio is a branding and design firm based in Los Angeles. We harness the power of new media to build living brands that bring you results.

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    Concept Machine

    Concept Machine is a design and brand identity studio based in Bucharest. We work for inspiring clients that aim for perfection. We strongly believe that good design is a powerful tool to shape perceptions and we invest our passion and skills in achieving it.