Multidisciplinary Design Studios

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    unit3 is an innovative and fresh company that provides new and exciting ideas for its clients. We focus the company into 3 teams - architecture, graphic design and creative media, each of which collaborate and work together to provide exceptional results.

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    Studio Equator

    Studio Equator is a multidisciplinary design agency based in Melbourne, Australia. Our focus is on return on design investment, using a creative and strategic approach. With services including interior, graphic, web and multimedia design we are able to implement our client's vision into every aspect of their business to give a cohesive whole, thus providing a total solution. We enjoy creating a brand, translating this to marketing and literature, designing the space to house the business and transforming the whole project into a digital version.

  3. Open


    Open is an independent design studio that creates rewarding experiences for people who look, read, and think.

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    Moorhead & Moorhead

    Moorhead & Moorhead is the New York City-based studio of brothers Granger and Robert Moorhead. Trained as an architect and industrial designer, respectively, the two collaborate on projects ranging in scale from furniture to buildings.

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    The Still Brandworks

    The Still is a full service boutique agency. We solve business problems for our clients. We are listeners, strategists and story tellers.

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    Anti/Anti is a multi-disciplinary art and design practice in New York City. We are a collective of creatives who work in art direction, design and strategy for lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, and music clients.

  7. Un.titled


    Un.titled is an eclectic group of thinkers, designers, programmers and artists. Our Passion is to engage an audience; tease; tempt, entertain and compel with an elusive mix of big ideas and bold design.

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    Designers on the Run

    Designers on the Run are an ethical multi-disciplinary design studio based in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.

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    BY:AMT Incs work spans from jewelery, furniture, product, interior as well as packaging and branding, with the uncanny ability to tweak expectations.

  10. MA-MA


    MA-MA is a design studio based in New York City. We offer services ranging from architectural design and scenography, to furniture and product design.

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    Epoch is a full-service agency, based in Bristol, with an international client base. A sparky bunch of people, working hard to get products to market on brief, on time and on budget.

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    Logue Studio Design

    Established in 2001, Logue Studio Design is an award-winning San Francisco design firm that specializes in contemporary residential, commercial, and product design. The studio approaches design as a cross-disciplinary medium that fuses the diverse scales and working methodologies of various design practices. This approach results in unique projects that stand as a testament to the firm's working philosophy.

  13. Friend of a Friend

    Friend of a Friend

    Friend of a Friend is a multi-disciplinary studio based in downtown Los Angeles. We offer our clients a broad range of creative services: from conception to delivery in web, film & print.

    Los Angeles, CA, United States
  14. Fivethousand Fingers

    Fivethousand Fingers

    Fivethousand Fingers is a design studio working globally from Montréal. Led by founding partners with backgrounds in the arts, the studio specializes in branding, typography and illustration, and strives to innovate across disciplines. We work with clients and collaborators who share our care for the quality and experience of a product, whether it be material or virtual, commercial or experimental. Our process balances concept and craft, moving from broad strategy to fine execution.

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    Semigood Design

    Semigood Design is a Seattle based multi-disciplinary design studio offering expertise in all things design.

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    International Rescue

    International Rescue is a photographers and illustrators agency based in Auckland, New Zealand. We represent a team of professional photographers and illustrators and provide line production.

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    Krohn Design

    Krohn Design is a full-service consultancy offering services including product design and development, packaging, graphic design, branding, corporate identity, trade show presence, exhibition design, preparation and supervision for domestic and overseas production. We are passionate and committed to doing innovative and highly original solutions to all scale of design problem.

  18. Fireart Studio

    Fireart Studio

    FireArt is Poland based graphic design & product development agency re-inventing appearance of startups and big businesses. Since 2013 FireArt has created more than 700 amazing projects and served nearly 400 clients including famous companies such as Atlassian, Google, PracticeLink, Spiir, Pipedrive, and IBM.

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    Studio Dialog

    Studio Dialog is a motion and design studio focusing on great design through collaboration and creativity.

  20. The Turett Collaborative

    The Turett Collaborative

    The Turett Collaborative (TTC) is a multi-disciplinary practice founded in 1984 by Wayne Turett. Interior design and Architecture at TTC is about creating an appealing and relaxing space while highlighting the client's taste and personal aesthetic.

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    Maggie Peng Studio

    Maggie Peng Studio is a full-service interdisciplinary design practice, providing strategies for a variety of project types. The studio approaches projects with an operative understanding of program to generate responsive spatial forms and configurations.

  22. Lost Art

    Lost Art

    Lost Art is a creative agency specialising in art direction, design & creative strategy services. Our portfolio spans branding, advertising, packaging, publication, video & digital design with clients including Apple, Leica Camera, MTV and Universal Music.

  23. Fferrone Design

    Fferrone Design

    Fferrone Design is a design and research practice, employing architecture, product design, and graphic design in a multidisciplinary approach for the creation of space, object, and communication.

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    Thirst is a firm devoted to art with function and serves a collection of clients whose refined and enlightened design sensibilities yield rewards in the experience of creation.

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    Gin Lane

    Gin Lane is a full service creative agency located in Downtown New York City. We use a variety of mediums and messages to creatively tell the story of our clients' brands.

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    Edese Doret

    Edese Doret is a team of experienced multidisciplinary designers. We offer services in the field of transportation, architecture, product and graphic design.

  27. Mit


    Mit is an award-winning creative studio specialised in Branding, VFX post-production & creative direction and providing the entire spectrum of visual communication services both in traditional and digital media. We're a medium-size flexible team of graphic designers, animators and VFX artists.

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    Vapor Studio

    Vapor Studio specializes in creative-driven product design and the building of iconic brands. Over two decades of experience providing powerful communications and engaging designs for clients has allowed Vapor to develop a unique hybrid structure. In our California studio, industrial design, product design, applied art and graphic design teams work directly with content development, strategy, planning, interactive and new media teams to maximize multi-disciplinary cross-pollination.

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    KUDOS Design Collaboratory

    KUDOS Design Collaboratory is an interdisciplinary design and technology consultancy based in New York and Jakarta. We are graphic designers and web/app developers creating brand identities, exhibitions, websites, motion graphics, digital installations, signages, publications, posters, and books.