Multidisciplinary Design Studios

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    Vapor Studio

    Vapor Studio specializes in creative-driven product design and the building of iconic brands. Over two decades of experience providing powerful communications and engaging designs for clients has allowed Vapor to develop a unique hybrid structure. In our California studio, industrial design, product design, applied art and graphic design teams work directly with content development, strategy, planning, interactive and new media teams to maximize multi-disciplinary cross-pollination.

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    Edese Doret

    Edese Doret is a team of experienced multidisciplinary designers. We offer services in the field of transportation, architecture, product and graphic design.

  3. Morpho-Synthesis


    Morpho-Synthesis is an interdisciplinary design studio that offers different services that range from strategic design thinking and innovation to product development and production. We are experts in developing in-store marketing tools with more than 15 years of experience working with Canadian and US clients, leveraging design thinking to view brands, products, packages, merchandisers, displays and environments in a new way and as a cohesive system that works for the target buyer in mind. For this, we apply unique design thinking tools to create, invent, or reactivate brands and develop innovative experiences and products.

  4. Ueberall


    An artist platform converging digital media with spatial experiences. Founded by the international award-winning artist, designer, and educational leader Nik Hafermaas, Ueberall International conceives and produces data-driven art installations converging digital media and spatial experiences. His artist team produced the data-driven sculptures eCLOUD for San Jose International Airport and AirFIELD for Atlanta International Airport. Ueberall is currently working on high profile art projects in San Diego and Seattle.

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    Attention Vietnam

    Attention Vietnam is a multidisciplinary design studio tackling projects ranging from corporate visual identities, packaging, print, interior space and industrial design. Our Attention Design head office in Copenhagen, Denmark is more technology-focused and offers the full range of design, engineering and production service.

  6. Gardiner Design Associates

    Gardiner Design Associates

    Gardiner Design Associates was setup in 1985. We provide design services for all aspects of your brand and environment specializing in branding and logos, interiors, exhibitions and displays, graphics, print and signage, advertising and digital media. The practice has worked on projects large and small throughout the UK and Globally. Projects are managed through to completion to ensure you get your message across and get the best results from your investment to grow your business model and brand.

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    Warren Techentin Architecture

    Warren Techentin Architecture (WTARCH) is an award winning, multi-disciplinary office which believes that architecture and urbanism must embrace design strategies that fulfill the needs of our clients while also considering the larger design context, community and environment. Our work explores the unseen conditions of a site and seeks to uncover and leverage its latent possibilities to create buildings that aspire to be site-specific, atmospheric, unique, and surprising.

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    Cubic is a multi-dimensional creative agency with national and international clients. Cubic understands the value of a brand, the strategies behind marketing and the importance of design and technology to create sales opportunities and improve business efficiencies. With specialists in creative design, interactive technologies and brand strategies, Cubic continues to provide better creative and better results.

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    Amorphica Design Research Office is an emerging architecture, urban design and research collective studio that evolves projects internationally with the intention of developing a responsive design intelligence dedicated to the service of the public through profound social compromise. Amorphica's projects involve social/spatial experimentation through the praxis of academia and the built environment.

  10. La Firme

    La Firme

    LA FIRME is a team of young, creative and thorough professionals who, from an ecological, economical and human perspective, put a lot of emphasis on choosing the right materials and the right suppliers to achieve the very best results.

  11. Legwork Studio

    Legwork Studio

    Legwork is a cross-discipline design studio. We design for interactive, print, and motion graphics. We create websites, album packaging, Illustrations, and apparel graphics for a wide range of clients from action sports brands, to film production houses and record labels.

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    Josh Owen

    The work of designer and educator Josh Owen is at once simple, practical and quietly innovative. Although the typologies that Owen creates are commonly described as refined, iconic or minimalist, he defines function in humanistic terms.

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    M Studio

    M Studio specializes in branding, web design, print collateral, social media and public-relations needs. With an extensive aesthetic background, the M Studio team aims to create the most innovative designs for city-based businesses as well as well-known brands recognized across the United States.

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    Grey Matter

    Grey Matter are a full service design agency based in Sheffield in the UK, and provide a wide range of services including catalogue design, brochure design, web design, corporate branding, corporate literature and marketing.

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    Founded in 2011, Elevendy is an up and coming disruptive force in the creative support studio space. This multi-disciplinary entertainment and design agency is based in Northern California with expansion plans for LA and SF. Specialties include key art, motion graphics, 3D modeling & animation, as well as naming/branding and commercial ad work for ad agencies nationwide.

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    Paragon Design Group

    Paragon Design Group is an award-winning studio, specializing in creating smart designs for evolving brands. With 3 decades of combined experience in the print, web and motion graphics industries, Paragon has a reputation for visual problem solving that has garnered the firm over numerous award. We are creative thinkers dedicated to business innovation through upside-down thinking and designing for the greater good.

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    Intergalactico is a multidisciplinary studio founded by designer, artist, and illustrator Chris Capuozzo. We create things for people, for businesses, art lovers, and kids. Intergalactico is about establishing relationships in the world based on inspiration, exploration, discovery and storytelling.

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    Plasmadesign is a multidisciplinary design studio, based in Zurich. The creative interplay of various disciplines enables us to offer unique solutions.

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    PRODDDesign is founded by three professionals with an impulsive energy to create. Combining our extensive experience in our respective fields, we mix, mash and match ideas and strategies to provide cross-disciplinary solutions to design problems.

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    Whitestudio is a multidisciplinary design studio, based in Porto and more recently in London, that works in a wide range of areas, from print to web, from editorial to signage, from packaging to interior design.

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    Berlin-based design studio founded in 2000. Their primary work has been in poster design, as well as in developing packaging, books and exhibitions, scenographic work in film and television and corporate consulting on design questions.

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    Puzzle Design Factory

    Puzzle Design Factory is an architecture, design and graphics studio based in Milano. Our services range from design related projects to larger scale constructions with a meticulous attention to details and a constant research for creative solutions.

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    Established in 2001 Pitch is a multidisciplinary design agency based in London. We design spaces and objects, structures and installations.

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    We develop projects in architecture, design and communication maintaining collaborations with different professionals, contributing a new vision in constant evolution, adding know how and experiences.

  25. TM/R Design

    TM/R Design

    TM/R Design developed methodology called Brand Geometry to create and manage design languages. Our approach sets up a unifying dynamic structure for the brand, defines key recognizable forms and patterns, materials and lighting. Projects range from branding and identity to interiors, facades and large scale installations.

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    The result of a continuing creative dialogue between Matt Bassett, David Horan and Tom Nelson; hundredstensunits was established in order to design and manufacture simple, beautiful and useful products utilising local resources and expertise.

  27. 590BC


    590BC is a design studio based in Brooklyn, NY that develops a wide range of projects at varying scales, from residential design to product development. Whatever the size of the project, 590BC combines conceptual rigor with hands-on knowledge and a love of craft and artisanship that informs every gesture. 590BC actively seeks collaborative efforts with clients as creative partners, to result in richly imagined, cohesive and human outcomes.