Multidisciplinary Design Studios

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  1. Base Design

    Base Design

    Base specializes in not specializing. Specifically, we specialize in not specializing in graphic design, art direction, audiovisuals, copywriting, and typeface design.

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    Shop Around

    Shop Around is an all-round creative production agency that specializes in contemporary illustration, graphic design, animation, motion graphics and interactive design. Next to the permanent team members Shop Around has a close pool of about 80 artists, ranging from illustrators, graphic designers to animators and motion graphic designers, all part of the top layer of the Dutch creative scene. The agency is based in the creative center, the city Amsterdam and has also an office in Rotterdam.

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    Raw Edges

    Raw Edges is a London-based design studio founded by Israeli designers Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay. Their output, which is the product of relentless experimentation, includes lamps, shelving, seating, flooring and museums installations.

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    Simone Giostra & Partners Architects

    Simone Giostra & Partners is a New York-based office with a solid reputation for its innovative approach to digital media and renewable energy. The office combines a series of existing and new professional collaborations and cross-disciplinary partnership to address the full potential of contemporary culture and technology.

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    Oddopolis is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in New York City committed to creating memorable and thoughtful design. Founded in 2001, Oddopolis works across disciplines from the printed page to the captured moment, embracing the endless opportunities and possibilities that is design.

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    Studio Suppanen

    Studio Suppanen is a design studio working in graphics, three-dimensional design and architecture.

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    VersionAbsolute Design Studio

    VersionAbsolute Design Studio is in the business of creating engaging user experiences for spaces and places. Its work is helping users make sense of the surrounding, navigate complexity while creating memorable experiences.

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    Toast Creative

    We are branding and design specialists working across a diverse range of industries. We describe ourselves as a dynamic collective of creative artists, strategists, boundary pushers and big-picture thinkers. Our individual talents align to ensure our work engages inspires, and challenges perceptions. Our thirst for exploration affords us a broad knowledge that keeps us fresh, passionate and creatively unpredictable. Our ethos is to exceed our client's expectations and this philosophy has enabled us to nurture relationships that enjoy longevity.

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    TODA is a multidisciplinary design firm with offices in New York, Hamburg and London. We form Ideas through a collaborative process that encourages the exchange of varied perspectives. Our expertise includes visual communication, industrial design and architecture. Drawing from a broad vision, TODA produces a wide range of projects including brand identity, print, packaging, interactive, web, product, space and exhibit design. TODA's comprehensive range of specialties provide design solutions that bring together all aspects of an idea.

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    Red Urban

    Red Urban is a multi-disciplinary creative collective based in Toronto.

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    United Visual Artists

    Founded by Chris Bird, Matt Clark and Ash Nehru in 2003, United Visual Artists (UVA) is a London based art and design practice. Their work spans architectural and responsive installations, live performance and public art.

  12. Tellart


    Tellart is an international design studio that creates interactive objects, immersive spaces and digital experiences for brands, museums and multinational companies. Founded in 2000 by Matt Cottam and Nick Scappaticci, Tellart is headquartered in Providence, R.I., and has offices in San Francisco, New York and Amsterdam.

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    fpm uses design to help its clients: to inspire people, to innovate and to strengthen brands. We are a proprietor-led design agency founded in 1994. We link product and communication design with the goal of enabling our clients to make strategic use of design.

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    Bridge is an interdisciplinary studio working in the fields of augmented reality and co-design. Bridge brings together specialists in diverse creative fields: product design, graphic and interface design, web and app development, parametric design, digital fabrication and video mapping.

  15. Johannes Torpe Studios

    Johannes Torpe Studios

    Johannes Torpe Studios is a multidisciplinary design studio operating within the fields of interior design, architecture, product and furniture design.

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    Bold Design

    William Boujon & Julien Benayoun, the creative duo of Bold-design, have a unique symbiosis based on collaborative creation. They set the tone when they launched their office in 2008. They boldly promote both the values of art and industry as well as those of skilled craftsmanship.

  17. SHIFT


    SHIFT is a design studio based in Monterrey, Mexico, founded in early 2013.

  18. GRAFT Brandlab

    GRAFT Brandlab

    GRAFT Brandlab offers solutions for all branding and strategy needs. Offering strategy and consultancy, conceptual development, naming and design, motion, interaction, experience and environments - the work of GRAFT Brandlab is two-fold: we both strengthen existing design and architectural projects with our brand focus on strategy and communication, and we partner with existing brands to evolve their presence in the areas of brand experience, environments and spatial design.

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    Yellow Design

    Yellow Design is an agency network located in Cologne, Pforzheim and Berlin offering a complete spectrum of design services. As a full-service agency, we accompany design projects all the way from conception to implementation.

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    Farmgroup is a Bangkok-based design studio working across design disciplines of graphic design, motion graphic, interaction design, event, exhibition and installation.

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    Studio Formafantasma

    The work of Studio Formafantasma touch relevant design issues such as the role of design in folk craft, the relationship between tradition and local culture, a critical approach to sustainability, and the significance of objects as a cultural vector. The aim of the studio is to create in time a coherent body of work both with self-commisioned projects and in collaboration with companies.

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    Viewpoint Creative

    With offices in Boston, MA and 20 years experience, the award-winning creative agency Viewpoint Creative has built a well-earned reputation for its ability to motivate consumers to act with immersive brand experiences. Clients include ABC, Bose, Discovery, Gillette, HBO, Mattel, Sci Fi Channel, and the Wall Street Journal.

  23. Henry&Co.


    Henry&Co is a design studio based in Verona (Italy) founded in 2013, that works and makes research in the belief that the future is in sustainability, especially for industrial and visual design.

  24. Bureau de Change

    Bureau de Change

    Bureau de Change is an award-winning architecture practice founded by Katerina Dionysopoulou and Billy Mavropoulos. Its work is a direct product of the founders' upbringing, passions and experiences - combining the pragmatism and formality of their architectural training with a desire to bring a sense of theatre, playfulness and innovation to the design of spaces, products and environments. The result is a studio where rigorous thinking and analysis are brought to life through prototyping, testing and making.

  25. Landini Associates

    Landini Associates

    Landini Associates are a team of designers and strategic thinkers from around the world, based in Sydney. Their work tends to be multi-skilled so they practice architecture, interior, graphic, product, furniture, and digital design. Most of their projects engage all of these disciplines and currently, they are working in Australia, North America, the UK, Korea, China, Hong Kong the UAE and Singapore.

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    Studio Job

    Studio Job is a design studio based in Antwerp. Founded in 2000 by Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, both graduates of the Design Academy Eindhoven now based in Antwerp and the Netherlands.

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    Nippon Design Center

    Nippon Design Center has a network that spans Tokyo, Nagoya, and Beijing, and creative staff numbering more than 150. Since its launch in 1960, it has been a creative group that continually seeks new challenges as it aims to achieve its own potential.

  28. Design With Company

    Design With Company

    Stewart Hicks and Allison Newmeyer teach at the University of Illinois at Chicago and are cofounders of Design With Company (Dw/Co). The work of Design With Company explores the territory between the architectural and the literary, real and unreal, mundane and fantastic.



    BOLTGROUP commits itself to help manufacturers define meaningful innovation, and deliver products and solutions that improve their customer's lives.

  30. Rhizomatiks


    Rhizomatiks was incorporated in 2006, committed to effecting wide scale social change by bridging the gulf to foster collaboration between media art, industry, and business. From the initial advertising/promotion, museum, and stage theatre projects, Rhizomatiks has come to provide expertise for a diverse range of projects running the gamut from Paris Fashion Week, EXPO Milano 2015, major musician concert tours, and even educational settings to cultivate the next generation of creators.