Multidisciplinary Design Studios

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  1. Aivan


    Aivan is an award winning design and innovation company. We help our clients to grow by creating meaningful concepts and tangible brand experiences.

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    Carbon is a London based award winning, multi-disciplinary design practice. The studio engages in the design of human social spaces in retail, residential, commercial, education and cultural projects.

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    Desres is a design and consultancy studio, active in a wide range of projects across a growing variety of media. Desres projects feature concept, design, illustration, interactive design, typography, and art direction along with some experience in film, installation, and moving image.

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    Cubedesigners is a design studio offering solutions within the industrial design, graphic design and multimedia areas. Established in 2002, the company is still composed only by people coming from creation fields. With flexibility and expertise, we are building solutions designed case by case for each client.

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    Karyalabs is a multidisciplinary creative design studio that provides tailor-made solutions for branding and communications projects.

  6. FromAtoB Public Design

    FromAtoB Public Design

    FromAtoB Public Design is a design agency with a focus on public space and transport. FromAtoB offers an overall package of services including concept development, product design, graphic design, engineering, pre-production and project management.

  7. AfterDesign


    AfterDesign is a strategic branding and design agency enable business to drive growth and improve commercial performance. Through brand and retail strategies, naming, brand identity, packaging, interior design, website and other multi-channel solutions, we work with business leaders to produce compelling and resonate brand values. Bringing the strategic thought to realization with our team of talented and passionate people work together to produce consistently great results.

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    Deepdesign is a small and dynamic company with ability in future scenario development, product and packaging design innovation.

  9. All Things Are

    All Things Are

    All Things Are is a Hamburg based design studio delivering beautiful design solutions in a wide range of disciplines for clients across Europe. Combining strategic thinking and design, we help brands and organisations grow and transform.

  10. Takram


    Founded in 2006, Takram is a design innovation firm with studios in Tokyo and London. We are specialists in concept, product, and experience design, and we work with leading international businesses and institutions across industries including transportation, consumer products, technology, retail, finance and media.

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    Partizant is an independent, multi-disciplinary design studio. We begin our creative process by thoroughly understanding our client's brand and their customers. Our goal is to build a strong relationships between them. During the design process we are taking into account the content of the message, its form, context, narration, interaction and ease of use.

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    maybe Design

    maybe Design, based in Vienna and Istanbul, is an innovative company focused on architecture, branding and product design.

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    Nice was founded in 2012 by three dedicated designers with a firm belief that design can make a positive impact on peoples lives and on businesses.

  14. flora&faunavisions


    flora&faunavisions is a Berlin studio for design, specialised in staging all forms of design work with a focus on stage moments, space design, moving image, and graphic & object design.

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    Alain Berteau Designworks

    Alain Berteau Designworks is commited to developing and promoting relevant design solutions through innovative typologies, functional improvements, added-value narratives, powerful simplicity and effortless ecology.

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    Studio91 is a multidisciplinary design consultancy founded by designer Sam Hextall. We offer a wide range of solutions to an eclectic mix of clients with a passion for creating honest and exciting design. To meet the needs of a specific brief, we can also tailor a team of designers and artists to produce the very highest standard of product.

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    Evok is a global design agency located in Nancy, France. Since 1997, our multidisciplinary team delivers creative and innovative products. Our service also include web design, brand strategy and communication.

  18. Cibic Workshop

    Cibic Workshop

    Cibic Workshop is a design studio and multidisciplinary research centre which focuses on alternative sustainable projects aimed at enhancing local areas and defining new cultural, emotional and environmental awarenesses of public space.

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    2x4 is a multidisciplinary studio focusing on design for art, architecture, fashion and cultural clients worldwide.

    New York, NY, United States
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    CAPTA was created by a group of professionals from the various areas of design to develop activities that meet the client in its entirety without diminishing the final consumer, creating a set of effective solutions that satisfy the need for the client in their image and their imaging assumptions, adapting their services in an assertive and direct way.

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    Omer Arbel Office

    OAO (Omer Arbel Office) is active within the traditionally defined fields of architecture, industrial design, craft and materials research. We operate within constantly oscillating parameters of scale, site, socioeconomics, phenomenological experiment, power relationships, environmental imperative and allegorical relevance. Our goal is to create extraordinary projects.

  22. Studiolav


    Studiolav is a London based studio, founded by Loukas Angelou and Vasso Asfi, offering product and interior design services. The use of narrative is central to their work, which often focuses on the emotional connection between people, objects and their environment. They draw inspiration from heritage, tradition and everyday encounters.

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    DORO Design

    DORO Design aims to provide to the customer with excellent products with its values of simplicity, efficiency, cleanliness and elegance, with a view to steadily expand the scope and increase the aggregation of ideas and skills.

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    Studiovo is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Lucca, founded in 2010 by Andrea Caturegli and Marco Vincenzi.

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    Fremdkoerper specializes in corporate design and corporate identity. We usually work in the field of exhibition design and graphics as well as shop decoration and trade fair booth design.

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    Studio Equator

    Studio Equator is a multidisciplinary design agency based in Melbourne, Australia. Our focus is on return on design investment, using a creative and strategic approach. With services including interior, graphic, web and multimedia design we are able to implement our client's vision into every aspect of their business to give a cohesive whole, thus providing a total solution. We enjoy creating a brand, translating this to marketing and literature, designing the space to house the business and transforming the whole project into a digital version.

  27. Fireart Studio

    Fireart Studio

    FireArt is Poland based graphic design & product development agency re-inventing appearance of startups and big businesses. Since 2013 FireArt has created more than 700 amazing projects and served nearly 400 clients including famous companies such as Atlassian, Google, PracticeLink, Spiir, Pipedrive, and IBM.

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    KCA London

    KCA London is a creative partnership that understands the science and the art of conceiving, crafting and delivering experiences that are meaningful and impactful, capable of resonating with audiences and inspiring positive change.

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    Ocean Observations

    Ocean Observations is a design agency focusing on making the digital world a great place for humans. We create new and/or improved products for brands who want to strengthen their customer relationships, reach new users, change their perceived value or simply move in a new direction.

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    Moorhead & Moorhead

    Moorhead & Moorhead is the New York City-based studio of brothers Granger and Robert Moorhead. Trained as an architect and industrial designer, respectively, the two collaborate on projects ranging in scale from furniture to buildings.