Czech Republic

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    Stas Sipovich

    Stas Sipovich is an independent art director and creative consultant. He works on identity systems and design strategies for brands in the areas of lifestyle, fashion, art and beauty.

    Category Graphic Designers

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    Gattabianca is an interior design studio located in Prague, Czech Republic, that provides a full range of interior design and decorating services, incl. space planning, custom furniture and lighting design. Adhering to the style of contemporary classics, we create our interiors using a fusion of styles - from classical to contemporary. Harmoniously combining the styles we create a unique, balancing timeless interiors, which will be relevant forever.

    Category Interior Design Studios

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    Chatty design studio was launched in 2005 by two young fashion designers Anna Tuskova and Radka Sirkova. Chatty style has been defined by progressive cuts, solid technology with a view to details and author's print. Studio concentrates on production of exclusive small fashion collections and on custom tailoring.

    Category Fashion Design Studios

  4. Armitage Studio

    Armitage Studio

    Armitage is a Prague based design studio, focused on creating interiors that truly express and improve your quality of life by introducing well-balanced and stylistic living space solutions, bringing in modern technologies and demonstrating attention to detail.

    Category Interior Design Studios

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    Cubespace is an architectural studio, specializing in traditional construction design, as well as their own modular building system, defined by innovative technology, contemporary, eco friendly design, flexibility, mobility, and cost efficiency.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  6. Oooox


    Oooox offers wide range of architectural solutions from interior design to large-scale projects, including concept development, visualization, interior design full-service.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  7. Rizlly


    Rizlly turns ordinary spaces into seductive, inviting and persuasive retail experiences. Our founders share over 80 years of industry experience in design, advertising, engineering, production and client services for the most iconic brands on the planet.

    Category Retail Design Studios

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    BOA Design

    Petr Mikosek and Michaela Vratnikova cooperate on the projects focused on industrial production in the field of fashion, interior, graphic and product design. Simultaneously, under the BOA trade mark there rise the limited collections of fashion and interior accessories.

    Category Industrial Design Studios