Designers in Ireland

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    Jacek Rzepka

    Jacek Rzepka is an architect living and working in Dublin. His work shows that he is always interested in bringing contemporary architectural ideas, modern aesthetics and new technologies into reality, always considering best environmental interest. He is an architect from Silesia in Poland, and this is where he gained his professional education based on one of the bests in Europe modernistic traditions of Silesian Architecture.

    Category Architects

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    Jenny Lawlor

    Jenny Lawlor is an Irish designer currently working with 3D printing technology to create contemporary jewelry. A love of linear structure, pure geometric shapes, bold forms, proportion and attention to detail inspired her to investigate the artistic application and manufacturing capabilities of 3D printing directly into precious metal.

    Category Jewelry Designers

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    Brian Gallagher

    An experienced freelance illustrator working since 1989. Specialising in scraperboard/scratchboard. My work has appeared in many areas including Advertising, Design, Editorial and Book Publishing.

    Category Illustrators

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    Locky Butler

    Locky Butler is a sound-designer and mixer with almost 30 years experience. Worked with clients from the broadcast, film, advertising, animation and music industries at both local and international level.

    Category Sound Designers

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    Julie Horton

    Julie Horton Design produces creative solutions primarily for print. Designs use a mixture of disciplines, including photography and illustration with an emphasis on originality.

    Category Graphic Designers

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    Mario Sughi

    Mario Sughi, aka Nerosunero, is a digital Cartoonist/Illustrator from Italy who combines subtle humorous elements with a consistent loose artistic style thats reminiscent of English Pop artist David Hockney.

    Category Illustrators

  7. Una Woods

    Una Woods

    Una Woods is a freelance illustrator living in Dublin. Her colourful and quirky illustrations are created either by hand using liquid acrylic paint and coloring pencils or created digitally using Illustrator and Photoshop.

    Category Illustrators

  8. Donough O'Malley

    Donough O'Malley

    Donough O'Malley is an Irish illustrator and designer currently based in the UK. With over seventeen years experience working for clients across the world, his flexibility in both traditional and digital media means his work is used in a wide variety of areas such as editorial, advertising, fiction and children's picture books.

    Category Illustrators

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    Loic Seigland

    Loic Seigland is a web designer & developer based in Limerick, Ireland and focusing on making elegant and effective websites built with the Ruby on Railstechnology.

    Category Web Designers