Design Firms in Japan

  1. Dentsu


    Dentsu is the world's largest and most awarded media agency brand, offering both digital and offline media solutions to businesses worldwide.

    Higashishinbashi, Minato City, Tōkyō-to

    Category Advertising Companies

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    Atelier Bow-Wow

    Atelier Bow-Wow, architect for the inaugural BMW Guggenheim Lab, was established in Tokyo in 1992 by the husband-and-wife team of Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Momoyo Kaijima. Best known for its surprising, idiosyncratic, yet highly usable residential projects in dense urban environments, the firm has developed its practice based on a profound and unprejudiced study of existing cultural, economic, and environmental conditions.

    Category Architecture Companies

  3. Ambientec


    Ambientec, founded by Yoshinori Kuno, builds on extensive experience in the field of professional lighting for underwater photography, designed to illuminate the darkest depths of the ocean. Now Ambientec brings that know-how into the world of design thanks to the visionary spirit of the company's founder. Their innovative lamps are wireless, waterproof, and integrated with exclusive LED technology and ideal for any home.

    Category Lighting Design Companies

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    MILAI is Japan's premium automotive and industrial design and development consultancy with international flair, located in Tokyo.

    Category Car Design Consultancies

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    Digital Frontier

    Digital Frontier is a motion picture production company with a distinguished large scale CG production department. We are equipped with one of Asia's largest motion capture studio in Tokyo.

    Sakuragaokachō, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to

    Category Broadcast Design Companies

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    Envision Incorporated

    Envision is an industrial design consultancy with designers and CAD modelers from both automotive and product design backgrounds, providing design services from blue-sky concepts through to engineering development for production.

    3 Chome, Kōhoku-ku, Kanagawa-ken

    Category Industrial Design Consultancies