Design Studios in Mexico

  1. TEN Arquitectos

    TEN Arquitectos

    TEN Arquitectos develops research projects, design, architecture and infrastructure. With 28 years of experience in cultural, centers, hotels, museums, residential and urban developments, parks, public spaces and furnishing, the office is based in Mexico City and New York.

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  2. Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos

    Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos

    Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos (SMA) is an internationally-recognized, Mexico City-based architecture studio with over 80 years in practice. Founded in 1937 by Juan Sordo Madaleno, and run by the third generation of architects in the Sordo Madaleno family. It operates with 250-plus design experts dedicated to the development of architectural, urban planning, interior design and master planning projects.

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    PRODUCTORA is a Mexico City-based architectural studio founded by Abel Perles, Carlos Bedoya, Victor Jaime and Wonne Ickx. PRODUCTORA's work is distinguished by an interest in precise geometries, the production of clearly legible projects with limited gestures and the search for timeless buildings in their material and spatial resolutions.

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    Studio84 is a boutique design firm specializing in high-end interiors, whose mission is to create stunning environments to fit their client's individual needs. The firm offers a full range of design services for commercial and residential projects, including conceptual design and installation.

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  5. Peca


    Since 2007, Caterina Moretti has been the head designer and studio director of Peca, a design studio based in Guadalajara, Mexico. She is inspired by nature, raw materials with endless possibilities of shape and texture, and their capacity to be transformed into everyday objects, Caterina's zeal for texture and contrast has translated into a wide arrange of objects that invite contemplation and infuse the organic and subtle with an original point of view. Collaborations with local artisans and invited designers have contributed to the spirit of Peca, resulting in a catalog that is rich in both tradition and innovation.

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    LVS-Architecture is a boutique design firm that employs methodologies of design thinking and human experience through space performance, and works hand to hand with clients to understand their business. We analyze culture, philosophy, art, event and performance, and meet in private cases concepts like branding and marketing strategies through the lens of innovation

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    AGENCY is a collaborative interdisciplinary practice engaging contemporary culture through architecture, urbanism, and advocacy. The practice is an active thought leader in social practice, developing award-winning architectural projects and urban strategies at a variety of scales.

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    BD Mark

    Multi-disciplinary design firm with offices in Montreal and Guadalajara Mexico, specializing in graphic design, communication, packaging and editorial design.

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    Studio Libelula

    The creative spirit and activity of Studio Libelula is focused in the field of corporate identity, web design, graphic design, advertising, Internet marketing. The courage to be different and to stand up for the distinguished features of our customers empower us to develop brands into a new level of style that is refined with a lot of fantasy, innovation and interactivity.

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