1. Platige Image

    Platige Image

    Platige is a vehicle for creative endeavors with 15 years of experience in creating stunning visuals and carrying out technologically advanced projects. Since our inception, we have combined film and advertising work with a strong passion for art, education, and entertainment.

    Category Broadcast Design Studios

  2. blank


    InsideLab is a interior design studio designing furniture, corporate and private interiors. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality, starting from design, through client service up to realization.

    Category Interior Design Studios

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    Bridge is an interdisciplinary studio working in the fields of augmented reality and co-design. Bridge brings together specialists in diverse creative fields: product design, graphic and interface design, web and app development, parametric design, digital fabrication and video mapping.

    Category Multidisciplinary Design Studios

  4. Husarska


    Husarska Design Studio helps companies to raise competitiveness through product design. We use the latest methodologies for implementing innovation.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  5. Owlsome Studio

    Owlsome Studio

    Owlsome is a small creative studio located in Warsaw, Poland. Our tasks range from brand identity and art direction into print and digital design. We enjoy working closely with our clients and beginning each project with a unique approach to deliver fun and unique designs.

    Category Branding Design Studios

  6. Mindsailors


    A professional, awarded industrial design studio from Poland, specializing in electronics, furniture, home appliance and industrial equipment. Offering full range of services from conceptual to mechanical engineering design and project management.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  7. Dream Farm

    Dream Farm

    Dream Farm is a creative animation studio that creates animation and game art for the broadcast and the web with a strong focus on well-designed characters. We work for advertising agencies, independent production companies and directly with brands throughout the world.

    Category Animation Studios

  8. blank

    Piotr Hojda

    Piotr Hojda is a young polish designer. He believes in design that is simple, innovative and honest. He designs products, brands and the rest.

    Category 3D Designers

  9. Noeeko Studio

    Noeeko Studio

    Noeeko is a small design studio based in Warsaw, Poland. Our aim is to create a coherent, original and effective design solution that communicates clients key messages.

    Category Branding Design Studios

  10. 2sympleks


    2sympleks is a creative studio specialized in product design. We are a team of young designers, thinkers and programmers. Our group often stretches beyond our specializations, incorporating experts from vastly different fields in order to deliver new, outstanding solutions.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  11. blank


    Partizant is an independent, multi-disciplinary design studio. We begin our creative process by thoroughly understanding our client's brand and their customers. Our goal is to build a strong relationships between them. During the design process we are taking into account the content of the message, its form, context, narration, interaction and ease of use.

    Category Multidisciplinary Design Studios