South Korea

  1. BDCI


    BDCI is an innovation design consultancy based in Seoul, putting all its effort to discover new meaning and value from variety and sophisticated lifestyles. We are a passionate team providing services crossing boundaries between design and engineering, ideation and realization, product and experiences across the globe.

    Category Industrial Design Consultancies

  2. designgree


    designgree is a Korea based design & strategy company, founded by Edgar Yeo. We work with business to drive innovation, identify opportunities, and design meaningful products and experiences that grow brands and delight customers.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  3. acasso


    (acasso) is a team of multidisciplinary designers and engineers with a profound sense of craftsmanship. We design beautiful and innovative products and their experiences that reflect the brand's essence and philosophy. We do not end up providing just 'concepts.' Our engineering capabilities transform the concepts into mass-producible products.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  4. Reflect


    Reflect is a progressive industrial design studio established by Seungho Lee and Sangsoo Lee. We reflect various shapes of life to design through lifestyle goods, furniture and electronics.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  5. Ahhaproject


    Founded in 2010, Ahhaproject founder Jinwoo Han and his team of designers have one common goal, of creating products and services that are synergistic with their client's needs. Based in Milano and Seoul, the team draws strength from the rich, diverse culture and arts that surround them.

    Category Industrial Design Companies

  6. blank


    212 provides a full range of total product design services from the initial brief and concept innovation, through all the stage of design and engineering and the preparation of product drawings and prototypes.

    Category Industrial Design Consultancies

  7. blank

    Cheil Worldwide

    Cheil Worldwide is one of the world's leading advertising groups. Cheil offers a full portfolio of marketing communications services including advertising, PR, sports marketing, exhibition and display production, and production of large-scale performance events.

    Category Advertising Agencies

  8. blank

    MOTO Design

    The MOTO Design Team creates innovative solutions for companies competing in rapidly changing marketplaces. At MOTO Design we are experienced in accommodating overseas clients with ideas, products and answers that fit into a desired market place.

    Category Industrial Design Companies

  9. Gongdreen


    Gongdreen's design products were born from the idea that it would be fun and interesting to translate the emotive ideas found throughout fine arts into our everyday lives. Every year Gongdreen has promoted its brand worldwide by developing practical and fun production for everyda

    Category Industrial Design Stores

  10. KAID


    KAID is composed of industrial designers as well as professors and workers of the field, businesses specializing in design, and corporate members. Through fast and clear communication with such excellent human resources, KAID has been serving as an active contributor for the growth of the students of the field and development of the domestic industrial design.

    Category Industrial Design Organizations

  11. VSLB


    VSLB is a 3D design studio based in Seoul. We specialize in product rendering, animations, & VR Solutions for brands & marketing agencies.

    Yongsan-gu, Hangangno 3(sam)-ga, Seoul

    Category 3D Design Services

  12. CLO


    CLO is a 3D fashion design software program creating virtual, true-to life garment visualization with cutting-edge simulation technologies for the fashion and apparel industries.

    Gangnam-gu, Nonhyeon 1(il)-dong, Seoul

    Category 3D Design Software

  13. blank

    M.I Design

    M.I Design is an award-winning industrial design and service design firm founded in 1997. We provide holistic design consulting service and bring superlative results for our client's business innovation.

    Category Industrial Design Companies