Design Studios in Spain

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    Discoh Design

    Discoh's work is based on the idea of understanding industrial design as "coherent design". A common factor in Discoh's work is the search of coherent results that are far from trends and ephemeral or sensationalist designs, with the only aim of creating objects that respond to a necessity.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

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    Andres Bluth

    Product design studio located at Barcelona. We are working on furniture lighting and mainly projects on outdoor furniture. Andres Bluth also teachs at IED Barcelona since 2004.

    Category Furniture Design Studios

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    Neosbrand is a graphic design and visual communication studio, directed by the brothers Fidel and Javier Castro, made by a multidisciplinary team, loving communication and design. We work with various agencies, organizations and brands in developing communication campaigns and corporate identity, with the aim of creating emotional bonds between brands and people.

    Category Graphic Design Studios

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    Cel-lula is an independent graphic design studio specializing in cultural dissemination and institutional communication. Based in the city of Sabadell, 20 km from Barcelona, we build beneficial and lasting relationships with customers from all over.

    Category Graphic Design Studios

  5. Merry


    Merry is a company focused in interior design, architecture, product and concept, founded in 2005 by Alfonso Merry del Val, who gathered a multicultural team and versatile professional designers to give joy, refreshment and optimism to day-to-day activities using key tools as emotion, creativity and passion.

    Category Interior Design Studios

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    Little Buddha Group

    Founded in 2006 by a former marketing directive and a team of designers, we are now 10 people plus external collaborators. Our core business is brand design: mainly packaging, but also corporate identity and graphic communication.

    Category Package Design Studios

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    The Bond

    The Bond is VFX/CG studio established in Barcelona founded by Joan Amer, Alex Maldonado & Cesc Bienzobas after their 20 years experience working as animators/creatives & VFX supervisors.

    Category 3D Design Studios

  8. Clase


    Clase is a design and creative direction studio based in Barcelona. Branding and Art Direction are what we do; from strategic thinking to conceptualisation and execution. We design to give brands a strong visual identity and communication.

    Category Branding Design Studios

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    3 10

    3 10 is a Barcelona based creative studio that specializes in building brands through storytelling, design, film and motion. We work for big companies as well as passionate tiny projects.

    Category Branding Design Studios

  10. Erretres


    Erretres is a strategic and digital branding and design consultancy founded by Pablo Rubio Ordás in Madrid in 2003. Its strength is based on a multidisciplinary team whose shared objective is to provide effective solutions to complex problems. They view design as an asset that should be integrated into all corporate strategies and consider it a vehicle for guaranteeing success with products and services.

    Category Branding Design Studios