The New Intel Convertible Classmate PC Puts the World at Students' Fingertips

The New Intel Convertible Classmate PC Puts the World at Students' Fingertips

Intel launched the Convertible Classmate PC, a laptop for kids that converts instantly from a clamshell to a tablet PC. Intel partnered with product design consultancy TEAMS Design to create both the Convertible Classmate and the Second Generation Classmate PC, a clamshell laptop released last year. Both PCs embrace the concept of micro-mobility - a child's need to move effectively while their activities change in a classroom, around school, and between home and school.

In both clamshell and tablet modes, the integrated handle of the Convertible PC can comfortably be held in a variety of positions, allowing students to handle and transport their device with ease. The conversion to tablet form is easy and natural as students change activities, and the 10.1" touchpad screen reorients smoothly from portrait to landscape.

Because the exposed LCD screen is more vulnerable in tablet mode, additional extensive research -such as drop and spill tests - led to a PC with even more rugged protection than its predecessor. The LCD is secured into damping material that allows the LCD component to float when the PC experiences shock and vibration. The PC's features include an eReader application that supports mainstream eBook file formats, handwriting recognition, and a palm-resting feature that ignores accidental touches. To fully meet young students' needs, the PC also includes a rotatable camera, microphone, water-resistant keyboard, bump- and scratch-resistant surfaces, increased memory storage, 8.5 hours of battery life, and an optional anti-microbial keyboard.

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