TEAMS Design Rejuvenates Bosch's Visual Brand Language

TEAMS Design Rejuvenates Bosch's Visual Brand Language

For over 50 years, TEAMS Design has maintained and evolved the standard Bosch visual brand language - or VBL - designing each tool to be a recognizable part of the Bosch family. To better suit a tool to its specific function, the standards of the VBL occasionally have to be adjusted on an individual basis. Such was the case for the Bosch Full Force Pneumatic Nail Guns; due to the heavy wear the nail guns endure on job sites, the line was specially designed with an anodized housing that improves aesthetically with each bump and scrape. 

Updates to the family as a whole are also necessary to keep designs fresh and ahead of the competition. The recently released second generation of Bosch power tools has an updated look that ushers the company into a new era. The new VBL strikes a perfect harmony of colors and textures that have been well defined to enhance the consistency of all Bosch products.

Bosch Visual Brand Language 02

The key visual feature of this new generation is the roll cage, the "L" shaped frame over the motor housing which emphasizes the tools' robustness. Tools featuring the roll cage have also incorporated fin venting, which conceals arching caused by the electric motor, presenting a cleaner and more powerful look that visually communicates air flow.  Power ribs crown the tops of tools for optimal ergonomics and structural support, and soft grip handles with a dimple pattern offer superior ergonomics.

The strong design standards of the new VBL will help Bosch maintain a more uniform look across every product. Companies such as German car manufacturer BMW have a similarly strong VBL that establishes an identity through consistent design elements, such as BMW's iconic split grill. In contrast, many newer brands like Kia and Hyundai have fewer identifiable design elements because a past precedent has not been established. Like BMW, Bosch's established history and subtle changes in styling lend the brand to building newer successful products, and the brand equity sends a clear and consistent message to the consumer.

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