Two Good Design Awards for Teams Design

Two Good Design Awards for Teams Design

TEAMS Design has received two 2012 Good Design Award for the Chicago Cutlery Design Pro Knives in the Household Products category and the Dremel Saw-Max in the tools category.

Design Pro breaks the typical product offering in the price category with a winning combination of comfort, usability and an innovative new design. Through research and investigation, a breakthrough was made when the team came to the conclusion that the typical knife design was not communicating to the everyday cook how to best hold and use the tool. Design Pro is a set of knives that have been designed to highlight the correct ergonomic grip for each knife and task; inspired by in-depth design ideation, extensive research, and dozens of models to verify the final grip and design.

The Dremel Saw-Max is a hand-held power tool with the cutting capability of a circular saw in a compact, hand-held package. It features a powerful motor and ergonomic grip designed with intuitive control points and a superior line of sight and ease of control for users to make quick straight cuts, flush cuts, and plunge cuts with confidence. Designers created a unifying style language through details such as the stepped back, vent details, and sweeping canoe shape along the side.

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