TEAMS Design Wins 2012 IDEA Award for STILL cubeXX

TEAMS Design Wins 2012 IDEA Award for STILL cubeXX

The cubeXX Forklift System Concept, created by TEAMS Design for Forklift manufacturer STILL, has been selected as a Bronze winner in the 2012 International Design Excellence Awards, in the Commercial & Industrial Products category.

STILL is the world's leading provider of intelligent solutions for intralogistics, the in-house flow of goods and materials. The company anticipates that the demanding future of intralogistics will require a new type of vehicle by the year 2020. Through exploration with longtime partner TEAMS Design, a concept was born: the STILL cubeXX.

Based on qualitative research of projected global trends, designers identified the essentials of how an industrial truck must look and operate to tackle the logistical future. A vision formed of the cubeXX - an intelligent, small, multifunctional, almost magical cube floating serenely under the control of an intelligent network.

To adapt to each day's varied tasks and operators, the cubeXX transforms from an easily stored, compact cube into a fully functioning forklift that runs via automatic programming or with a driver. In its automated mode, the canopy retracts, creating the minimal, cube-shaped form. In its manned mode, the cab extends up and offers the driver a fully enclosed and tech-savvy workplace. Various configurations allow this one vehicle to perform the tasks of many without the need to store and pay for multiple vehicles.

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