Pierini Redesigns Rexona Men Line

Pierini Redesigns Rexona Men Line

Rexona launched a renewed line with a new image, more masculine and technological, designed by Adrian Pierini. The new layout enhances the high effectiveness the brand has, with more angular shapes and a major role of the color black, which highlights the tic, symbol of the brand.

Beyond the formal aspects, the new design includes a profound analysis of the brand structure. The Marketing team and the agency managed to establish the correct levels of reading, and they achieved to create a compact and solid composition, perfectly recognizable in the shelves.

Adrian Pierini, for over 8 years, has been the author of most of the Rexona launchings, at a regional and global level. This is the third time in a row that the designer has the opportunity to help in the transformation of this brand, now emblematic in its category.

"It is a great satisfaction, both for me and my team, to be part, thanks to Unilever, of the Rexona world," said Pierini. "To collaborate in the intense growth the brand has during the last years, makes me proud as a professional, and allows me to realize that the work done to this date has been the right one. All these years we shared with the Marketing team have caused an excellent synergy between us. So, as soon as they told me the new technological vision of the brand, I understood what they were talking about. The new packaging should not only be renewed in the aesthetic aspect. It was mandatory to communicate its high effectiveness (Rexona has extended its action up to 48 hours of the best protection). The new layout has to be rethought and, even though the information distribution was not to be changed dramatically, we had to create a design with a higher visual impact. We considered it was appropriate to create chromatic planes more contrasted than before. The final result is more than satisfying; the pieces transmit grandeur, leadership, and communicate in a credible way its new functional benefit".

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