The New Black and Decker iShred

The New Black & Decker iShred

When HoMedics approached TEAMS Design to develop a new paper shredder for their Black & Decker line, they did not expect anything like the iShred. Among the varied shredder concepts rendered by industrial designer Joseph Lee, one stood out; its minimal and sleek form was unlike any other shredder on the market, transforming it from a mere appliance into a piece that becomes a sculptural element within the user's home and office decor.

The tall, tapering iShred is the first paper shredder with a vertically oriented paper feed, a truly innovative feature that increases safety by limiting direct access to the shredder's blades and allows for the product's slimmer, conical form.

The design team sought to shake up the dreary image of a typical shredder - a utilitarian device lacking in both aesthetics and ergonomics. "Consumers expect a black or beige box that they have to shove under a desk," said Lee, "We updated not only the shredder's styling, but also the user's experience operating it."

The design team also closely examined the user's ease of emptying a full bin. The bin's round shape was developed as a solution to the uneven pile of shreds that often form in rectangular shredder bins; the shreds instead fall into a naturally even pile, filling the bin efficiently. With the aid of an integrated handle, the shredder lifts off of the 1.5-gallon-capacity paper bin with ease. The fluted bin directs the paper shreds in a narrow and controlled flow to help avoid messy emptying.

The iShred crosscuts up to six sheets of paper simultaneously into confetti-sized pieces and includes all the standard features that a great shredder should: protection from overheating, a full bin indicator, 68 dB noise level, and jam-free credit card and staple shredding.

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