Pearlfisher New York Revitalizes the Stonyfield Brand Portfolio

Pearlfisher New York Revitalizes the Stonyfield Brand Portfolio

Pearlfisher New York has created the new brand architecture, identity, and packaging, for Stonyfield, the leading organic yogurt maker.

Pearlfisher's challenge was to help unify the growing portfolio of baby and kids yogurts, traditional and Greek yogurts, frozen yogurts, milk and cream; and to convey Stonyfield's unique organic proposition. Stonyfield's packaging appeared as a house of niche brands; the goal was to bring those niche brands together with a unifying design principle, expressing the true goodness and premium quality that is at the heart of Stonyfield.

"As the Stonyfield portfolio expanded, many of their organic equities became overshadowed by complicated messaging," commented Hamish Campbell, Creative Director at Pearlfisher New York. "We brought out the bold lushness of their farms, making it the forefront of the design and helping to celebrate the personality and vibrancy behind the brand."

To unify the portfolio, Pearlfisher elevated Stonyfield's primary equities - the field and sky - incorporating sunlit food photography, an ownable illustration style, and two bespoke typefaces to infuse the brand with character and personality, while the refined identity speaks to the brand's organic equities, evoking farm-fresh ingredients. By isolating Stonyfield's core equities and communicating them in a bold and expressive way, Pearlfisher was able to dial up the premium nature of the brand and position it more clearly as the delicious product line it is, full to bursting with flavor and natural goodness. Pearlfisher's new contemporary design for the brand celebrates the natural richness of Stonyfield's organic foods and the result is a vibrant reinvention of the Stonyfield brand, emphasizing their premium organic credentials, making them desirable for a new generation.

The new design establishes Stonyfield as a leader in the yogurt category, but also an innovator and pioneers in the organic market overall. "Stonyfield is a healthy business that makes healthy food to help grow healthy people while cherishing a healthy planet," explained Tess Wicksteed, Executive Vice President at Pearlfisher New York. "We expressed this holistic approach through the filter of Stonyfield 'celebrating the fullness of life.' Our redesign brings this highly motivating idea to life and we look forward to seeing it increasing their influence in the organic market."