The Cloud of Sustainability - The Never-ending Water Cycle

The Cloud of Sustainability: The Never-ending Water Cycle

CuldeSac has created a spectacular installation inspired by the responsible management of one of the most valuable natural resources around.

Roca has been designing and innovating for over half a century, in order to provide solutions for efficiently managing water consumption. Using the importance of the responsible and sustainable management of this valuable resource as a stepping point, CuldeSac has given life to the "Cloud of Sustainability," an impactful, artistic installation that can be seen in the fa├žade and display cases of Roca Madrid Gallery.

"The Cloud of Sustainability" is a symbol with great sculptural force that alludes to the water cycle from a new sophisticated and conceptual perspective. The cloud, being the most essential and iconic part of the water and life cycle, is built starting with a single, swift and dynamic stroke. In this case, sustainability is expressed in the purest manner: It forms an infinite loop that takes on a structure that in turn serves as a link with the exposed product. And thus the Roca bathroom fittings become a point of reference thanks to their commitment to innovation, design, technology and solutions that respect the environment.

The installation shows a pixelated, oversized texture that presents two different readings by considering it in detail or from a general point of view from the outside of the building. Furthermore, CuldeSac has produced an audiovisual piece of motion graphics that explains the importance of water in environmental sustainability.


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