LRXD Creates Packaging for New Natural Sins Line

LRXD Creates Packaging for New Natural Sins Line

To reintroduce its unique line of crispy mango, pineapple, coconut, and beet chips, Natural Sins needed a packaging design that could show retail customers and health-conscious consumers that it was much more than a chip off the old block.

The packaging design directive for Denver agency LRXD was to create eye-catching bags for the Costa Rican company, yet ones that had a minimalist feel that captured the simplicity of this all-natural product. This idea is echoed in the first message one encounters at the top of each bag: "Just two ingredients."

Freshness was another important takeaway. The centerpiece of each of the four, one-ounce packages is a whole piece of fruit-or veg, in the beet's case-with the upper portion cut into thin slices. One piece is extracted from the produce, enlarged and flipped to illustrate a cross section of a chip. A glowing halo effect draws the eye to the center of the package, which is surrounded by informational elements.

For easy identification within the unified design scheme, the background of each package is color-coordinated to each product SKU. Even though there are several elements co-existing on the front panel, the formula of bold color and a single visual that tells the story of the product keeps it simple in a competitor shelf set.

Designed with a cargo look, the bag is stamped with its individual produce just below the central image in a utilitarian, non-serif font. The map, stamp and font choices were made to drive home the idea that it's a natural product, produced and imported from Costa Rica. A faint map of Costa Rica, the product's exotic origin, can be seen as a screen in the background.

To the left, a series of small icons verify Natural Sins' gluten-free, non-GMO, certified vegan, Paleo friendly and Kosher status. And just in case the art and color cues didn't convince you that this product was unique, a dark brown color block text strip at the top right of the bag reinforces this message by calling Natural Sins "The Un-potato chip."

"We wanted the message to show that the product is a delicious, healthy alternative to the conventional potato chip," commented Kelly Reedy, Chief Creative Officer at LRXD. "And although the new packaging is just hitting stores, the new design has been very well received at the trade show level."