Design Bridge Bring Lyle's Black Treacle to New Audiences with Limited Edition Sticky Summer BBQ Tin

Design Bridge Bring Lyle's Black Treacle to New Audiences with Limited Edition Sticky Summer BBQ Tin

Design Bridge has created a limited edition summertime tin for Lyle's Black Treacle. The new tin design uses clever twists on Lyle's iconic branding and imaginative new copywriting to tempt consumers into using black treacle as part of their favorite savory barbecue marinades and sauces this summer.

"Lyle's is a treasured brand but we felt there was a great opportunity to broaden the usage of their Black Treacle beyond traditional and seasonal baking recipes, and make it a savoury, summertime staple," commented Rachel Gotts, Client Director at Design Bridge. "We developed the idea of 'Lyle's Sticky Summer BBQ' to appeal to a wider audience, including more male consumers, and designed a special, limited edition tin to help guide people towards the new ways of using the treacle."

Launched in 1950, Lyle's Black Treacle inherited the branding and packaging of its older, sister product, Lyle's Golden Syrup, which holds the Guinness World Record for the world's oldest unchanged brand packaging. Understanding that Lyle's design heritage is one of its strongest assets, Design Bridge have put playful and surprising twists on the iconic branding to create the packaging.

"We've worked on limited edition packaging designs for Lyle's in the past and have developed an architecture that allows us to explore new facets of the brand while staying true to its history," explained Mike Stride, Creative Director at Design Bridge. "This time we've pushed it a little bit further by tilting the famous arch bearing the Lyle's word mark at an angle to create a barbecue lid with sizzling flames inside. Elsewhere, we've redrawn Lyle's traditional filigree patterns to incorporate further flame details, which also appear as decorative elements on the back of the tin."

The combination of flame illustrations, bold use of black and swirls of barbecue smoke crafted from the filigree pattern suggest a smoky, tangy BBQ taste. This is brought to life in full by Design Bridge's copywriting on the back of the tin. Friendly and conversational in tone, the new copy gives suggestions on how to use the treacle in favorite barbecue recipes; "Drizzle on pork ribs, subtly sweeten chicken marinades." The new language also evokes the tastes, smells and atmosphere of summertime barbecues; "Savour the summer and get barbecuing with Lyle's Black Treacle, a sticky delight to guarantee the most lip-smacking of summers."