Sonosite Next Generation Ultrasound Designed by PWW

Sonosite Next Generation Ultrasound Designed by PWW

PWW's Seattle studio recently collaborated with FujiFilm SonoSite to create the next generation SII ultrasound device. Developed for regional anesthesia, vascular access and trauma applications, the SII empowers efficiency for clinicians through a simple, yet smart user interface that adapts to the user's imaging needs. The system is portable and can be used across multiple hospital environments, including a zero footprint option for space-constrained rooms.

The SII has an elegant form but remains tough enough to deal with the harsh hospital environment. The extruded aluminum housing and plastic end caps protect from impact, while the simple form and minimal part lines make it easy to clean, reducing the risk of hospital acquired infections. The cast metal handle is positioned for improved access and control, enabling the user to move the device easily and rest their hands on it during prolonged usage.

The large touchscreen display is complemented by physical knobs for depth and gain controls, a signature FUJIFILM SonoSite feature that improves usability. Unlike its predecessor, the SII also boasts dual transducer connectors, enabling the user to switch effortlessly between alternate transducers when needed.



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