Wrench - The New Digital Platform That Enables Mechanics to Be Their Own Boss

Wrench: The New Digital Platform That Enables Mechanics to Be Their Own Boss

PWW's Seattle Partner and Creative Director, David Wykes, has partnered with Haystack Studios to design Wrench, the platform that enables mechanics to "be their own boss." Similar to the Uber model, Wrench connects certified mechanics to an ever-growing customer base that they can manage on their terms.

Rather than taking their car to the garage, users can instead schedule a mechanic to come directly to their home or workplace at any time that suits them.

The Wrench website experience is designed to be as simple and direct as possible, just enter your license plate information and job type and you are instantly connected to specialised mechanics. Select a time and location for the job and Wrench does the rest. The website features large full-screen images of cars in front of the owner's home and clear, simple icons that make it distinct and easy to understand the service.

PWW's David Wykes partnered with brand designer Mitch Tennison of Haystack Studios to develop the Wrench logo, tone of voice and website messaging, creating a logo that is easily recognisable and clearly communicates what the product does. The drop pin shape represents location and GPS services, while the intersecting wrench design emphasises the task to be completed and adds motion to the logo. The word mark is bold, friendly and has an authoritative but approachable nature.

Wrench is designed to make users feel like they are making the smart choice. "Drop the Shop" has a dual message, encouraging the audience to stop taking their car to a garage and put a drop pin wherever they are. It's a punchy and memorable tag line, as well as a call to action that is used on everything from the website, print ads, fliers, stickers and t-shirts etc. A secondary tag line "Your Car, Your Place, Your Time" boldly states the convenience aspect of the service and puts the customer at the centre of the message.