PWW Communicates Sainsbury's Heritage and Sustainable Story in New Distribution Centre

PWW Communicates Sainsbury's Heritage and Sustainable Story in New Distribution Centre

PWW has created impactful interior graphics for Sainsbury's new Online Fulfillment Centre in Bromley-by-Bow, East London. The 185,000 sq ft centre is the largest in the UK and forms part of the retailer's strategy to enable its customers to shop whenever and wherever they want, catering for the growing demand in the capital for Sainsbury's online groceries service.

Working closely with Sainsbury's, PWW have permeated within the business, educating the employees on the entire pipeline and journey of food production, in order for this understanding to filter down to the consumers. By redefining their working environments, the aim is to inspire Sainsbury's colleagues by communicating the lengths that the business goes to, serving its customers since 1869.

The Sainsbury's recognised colour palettes are used within oversized illustrations and signage, highlighting key dates and facts about the brand's rich history and conveying the scale and impact of Sainsbury's as a brand and an investment. The graphics emphasise Bromley-by-Bow colleagues as part of a larger national team, as well as featuring the importance of locality and a community feel with illustrations referencing 'serving the city' and the vibrant London skyline. By recognising teamwork and striving to build morale, the design for the new facility creates a purpose for colleagues to feel proud of their workplace.

PWW have enriched Sainsbury's new Online Fulfillment Centre to educate colleagues by providing transparency across the supply chain and encouraging them to think about the bigger picture. PWW also communicated Sainsbury's values through video content to engage colleagues on the sustainable story and journey that food takes to reach Sainsbury's consumers.