Ragged Edge Refreshes Brand Identity for Deliciously Ella

Ragged Edge Refreshes Brand Identity for Deliciously Ella

Ragged Edge has refreshed the brand identity for food blogger and Instagram star Ella Mills, better known as Deliciously Ella. The brand identity includes a new design system and updated logo which is shared with the Mae Deli.

The agency also designed the packaging for her first retail product 'Deliciously Ella Energy Balls.' The Energy Balls are the bestselling item in Ella's food destination 'The Mae Deli' and the most popular recipe on Ella's blog.

A pioneer in the natural food movement, Ella has reached millions with her blog and recipe books, and is now seeking to bring to life and make accessible her philosophy through the new range of Deliciously Ella Energy Balls. The packaging aims to reflect her three core values: natural, simple and honest.

The design stands out against competitors in the health food category, where neutral tones dominate. Ragged Edge took inspiration from Ella's natural charm and personality, to infuse bright colours with hand-crafted cues.

A logo based on Ella's signature reinforces her personal connection with her followers, while a delicate sunburst communicates her optimistic outlook. A hand drawn typeface reflects her honesty, while matte packaging with a little texture helps the product to feel premium and desirable to touch.

The hand painted illustrations capture the products' natural qualities, without sacrificing standout on shelf. Workshops with the Deliciously Ella team and research into her passionate audience helped to distill the essence of her success.

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