fuseproject Redesigns IDEA Awards

fuseproject Redesigns IDEA Awards

fuseproject has unveiled its rebrand of the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) logo and redesign of its trophy, for use at the 2018 Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) conference.

"For anyone who is a maker, who is building something, it's the ultimate achievement to get an IDEA," commented Béhar. "IDEA is the award by designers, for designers. Fuseproject worked with IDSA specifically to rebrand IDEA and redesign the trophy to reflect the evolving industry it celebrates. Our goal was to create a new identity and trophy that feels as diverse and as expressive as the design industry itself."

"IDEA recognizes excellent creative designs-not just industrial design, but also architecture, interior design, user experience, graphic design and design strategy," added fuseproject VP of Design and IDSA Board Member Qin Li. "We want the new branding and trophy design to reflect its inclusivity across disciplines and around the globe, so we may continue to grow and inspire future generations of designers."

From a design standpoint, differentiating the IDSA from the IDEA means fuse added weight and structure to the individual letters of IDEA, each a representation of the different disciplines of design. The magic is in how these come together, just like a design solution is a beautiful puzzle, where each piece can stand on its own, but where they work better together. The color scheme is influenced by the built world around us - bright and playful. With the ability to separate and combine the colorful letters, the brand identity is also able to remain flexibility for collateral, such as campaigns and swag, allowing it to fluctuate as the design industry itself would.

The IDEA trophy is the pure physical manifestation of this branding concept. Each letter literally fits together into a perfect cube, held together by magnets. This trophy is truly symbolic of the award - an award in which designers from across the world and of every background can come together to celebrate their successes in moving industry and experiences forward. A not so subtle nod to the playfulness and iterative process of design is how the trophy can be separated into individual pieces and played with. While the trophy will come in gold and silver, the grand prize will come in the beautiful multicolored look.


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