Monotype Releases Madera and Unitext

Monotype Releases Madera & Unitext

Monotype has today released two new sans serif typefaces, Unitext and Madera, designed specifically for the varied use cases and touchpoints of brands. Created to help modern brands carry their footprint effectively and legibly across small text and display sizes, in both print and digital environments, Monotype created the typefaces after analyzing modern design trends and feedback from hundreds of brands.


Designed by Hendrik Weber, the Unitext typeface is simple and compact, as well as warm and friendly to allow for a brand's natural voice to come through. It offers a unique balance of condensed spacing and open counters, which makes the typeface a great choice for logos as well as text. The Unitext typeface is available in seven weights, plus italics, and is a blend of grotesque and humanist styles. The design is at home in travel and leisure, advertising, logos, text and wayfinding.


Designed by Malou Verlomme, Madera is a geometric sans design with some humanistic traits that are marked by its pointy apexes. It features a clean, straightforward and fresh design. Available in eight weights, plus italics, the Madera typeface also includes the special characters that graphic designers use frequently in their projects, like arrows, circled numbers and diamond dots and punctuation. The design is especially well suited for high-tech and publishing, with an emphasis on logos, signage and text.

Both the Madera and Unitext typefaces are available in OpenType format, and feature a range of advanced OpenType typographic features. They also offer extensive language support with Western, Central and Eastern European language character sets.

The Madera and Unitext typefaces can be found in Mosaic or Monotype Library Subscription.


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