Character Designs New Branding for DoorDash

Character Designs New Branding for DoorDash

Character has designed the new branding for restaurant delivery service DoorDash. The new visual identity and brand strategy feature original photography, illustrations and iconography, strategically focused on communicating the brand's renewed mission: delivering good by connecting people, and possibility. The 'dash' for example, now conveyed by negative space, conveys the concept of potential and evolution.

The brand's values of delivering good and possibility are also represented in the streamlined logo, which is designed to convey reliability and efficiency while staying true to the company's roots and its previous identity, inspired by the Japanese bullet train (Shinkansen).

"We approached Character with an extremely unique challenge - help us get to the core of our brand's DNA and help us articulate it in an authentic way - in less than four months," commented Jen Rapp, VP Marketing at DoorDash. "To accomplish this, we worked with Character as a team. Unlike many agencies, where the agency is positioned as expert and company as client, Character worked with us collaboratively, diving in with our founders and internal marketing team to uncover the true story about DoorDash.

"Even with our compressed timeline, they took time to get to know what motivated our founders to create DoorDash and gained a full understanding of our future before presenting our team with any identity suggestions. Because of this, their work felt natural and unforced from the first round onward. They took feedback with open arms and were open to multiple iterations to make each aspect of our strategy and identity perfect. We couldn't be happier with the final product - it feels honest to who we are as a company; it's the perfect evolution of our mission to delivery good by connecting people and possibility."


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