Character Designs Palm's New Brand Identity

Character Designs Palm's New Brand Identity

Character has designed the brand identity and brand strategy for Palm's newest device, which ditches the bells and whistles of smartphones in favor of a minimalist device that encourages fewer distractions.

With the proliferation of smart devices, being connected at every moment started to feel a lot less like freedom and more like a dependency. Palm has re-launched to fix this-with a phone that empowers you to be both connected and live in the moment, in perfect, balanced tandem.

When tasked to translate Palm's true philosophy into its brand identity, Character defined ultramobile as ultra-portable, accessible, and focused on action over consumption. Character designed the brand's identity to showcase Palm as ultra mobile-giving consumers the ability to be more heads up than heads down, but never disconnected-the ability to 'never miss out' on any front.

The verbal identity expanded upon Palm's brand purpose to 'never miss out,' building stories from the primary benefits of Palm as ultra mobile. These stories revolve around its portable design, intuitive accessibility, and Palm's ability to keep you connected without ever being consumed, so you can still be immersed in life.

With the brand promise defined as 'never miss out' - to showcase that a truly mobile lifestyle is possible -Character visually represented Palm in a way that inspires such action. Taking inspiration in the many ways we must adapt in life, Character designed the Palm logo as a wordmark that symbolizes ultra mobility and independence, precisely what Palm stands for. Simultaneously sturdy and flexible, the logo expands and contracts based on its environment or context; flexible enough to contain the whole spectrum of the brand, but sturdy enough to also highlight the best of the brand at a glance. "The Palm logo illustrates something ever present in life, it conveys the many ways life makes us adapt, keeps us moving," explained Rishi Shourie, Principal + Creative Director.

The photography art direction also captures movement. Through the lens of fashion and lifestyle, the subjects are always in the moment and on the go-whether that means jamming out, working out, or going out.

Photos: Courtesy of Character